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Now Features Expanded Presets, New ASIO Drivers, Updated Firmware and DaRouter Software

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, APRIL 7, 2011 – Stanton Magnetics, a member of the Stanton Group of companies and an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, will be featuring several new updates to its premier mixer control surface, the Stanton Control System1 (SCS.1) at Musikmesse 2011 (Hall 5.1, Stand D98). The SCS.1 comprising the SCS.1m and SCS.1d, with its built-in FireWire(r) audio interface, assignable encoders, and tight, two-way software control is now better than ever, offering expanded presets, new ASIO drivers, updated firmware and DaRouter software.

“The new capabilities now offered by the SCS.1d updates further enhance the performance of both scratch and general platter control,” says Tim Dorwart, CEO of Stanton, “This will help those migrating from traditional DVS turntables to controllers that have additional features integrated into the

platter right next to where their fingers are positioned when manipulating it. The new presets for both SCS.1d and SCS.1m extend functionality to a whole host of additional applications for DJing live, composing and mixing.”

NEW Presets
Stanton has released a new preset for Native Instruments Traktor Pro application, updating it to match the new features and capabilities of the software. Additional presets that are part of the update include four new Generic presets that allow the SCS.1 to be mapped into most DJ software packages; an Ableton Live preset for the SCS.1m which fully supports clip and scene launching, mixing control, sends/groups, and FX control; a HUI preset that allows the SCS.1m to be used as a DAW controller for many common audio recording and music creation software packages such as ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic and Sonar. Since Stanton utilized the HUI protocol, there is little to no mapping required.

The new ASIO driver for Windows fully supports not only Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit varieties), but also is backwards compatible with Vista64 and XP. The company also separated this installer from the DaRouter installer to make it easier for users to update components.

NEW DaRouter Software
New SCS.1 DaRouter software has been developed that offers users a better scratching algorithm. In response to customer requests, it also allows for multiple instances of DaRouter to run simultaneously, which allows for the use of, for example, four SCS.1ds at once. This version of DaRouter will include all four of the new presets, so users have instant access to the new features.

NEW SCS.1M Firmware
Stanton has also updated the SCS.1d firmware, which improves the scratching performance of the SCS.1d, and also makes it more compatible with current DJ software. Like the ASIO driver, the company has separated this from the DaRouter installer to make installation and updating straightforward and error-free.