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Stephen Arnold Music Delivers New Sonic Brand For HLN’s “Jane Velez-Mitchell”

DALLAS, TX — The anticipated debut of “Jane Velez-Mitchell,” HLN’s new nightly news show starring one of the network’s most recognizable on-air talents, features an energetic and distinctive new theme from sonic branding experts Stephen Arnold Music. “Jane Velez-Mitchell” airs at 7 PM EST, Monday-Friday on HLN.

HLN once again turned to Stephen Arnold Music for “JVM” — the latest in a series of successful collaborations that also includes original sonic brands for the shows “Dr. Drew,” “Prime News,” “Showbiz Tonight” and “Morning Express with Robin Meade.” The objective for JVM: create a strong and compelling theme that mirrored the dynamic personality of the show’s colorful host.

A Musical Jolt for “Jane”
Using an inspired mix of keyboards, loops, live guitars and bass, Stephen Arnold Music produced a driving, upbeat audio theme. The distinctive melody morphed into a musically diverse package representing rock, electronic and hip hop styles, reinforcing the show’s various moods. Stephen Arnold Music’s new theme reinforces the rebranding of the show, which had previously aired as “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.”

“’JVM’ is a very musically intensive show – HLN treats the themes as theatrical elements,” Stephen Arnold, President of Stephen Arnold Music says. “The new music reflects the drive and passion that Mitchell brings to her reporting.”

Arnold adds, “When we do sonic branding for a show that’s centered around a personality, we spend a lot of time watching them on the air and seeing what they’re about before we even start writing. Jane brings drama, mystery and a lot of positive force to the screen — our goal was to capture her musically.”

Ratings Up at HLN
HLN’s 2011 ratings broke records for the network, a positive trend involving a growing number of shows scored and sonic branded by Stephen Arnold Music.

“Every show is different, but we understand that HLN needs their music to feel fresh, innovative and artist-driven,” Stephen Arnold concludes. “It’s a sound that’s connected to what their audiences are listening to, and that supports the brand objectives of each show. ‘JVM’ stands out musically, while still being a perfect fit with HLN’s lineup.”

About Stephen Arnold Music:
As a multiple Emmy, Addy and Promax Gold award-winning music production company, Stephen Arnold Music has over 15 years of success in delivering the sounds that make a difference to networks, television stations, advertising agencies, film studios and video game companies the world over. The company’s Commanding Sonic Branding approach to music production and commitment to industry-leading service is at the core of its promise. For more information, please visit

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