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Steve Vai YouTube Demo: Ocean Way Mic Locker App

Match Microphones and Musical Instruments for Best Sound

Pictured during rehearsals for his world tour is Steve Vai holding his iPad showing the new Ocean Way Microphone Locker app. Photo by David Goggin.

Steve Vai has produced the new Ocean Way Microphone Locker app and a new YouTube video demo to show how it utilizes the legendary microphone collection to allow the recording engineer to easily find the right microphone for the right instrument .

Click here to see the Steve Vai video demo:

• Tests of a wide array of 66 classic mics and 33 different instruments, including drums and cymbals, percussion, guitars, a Hammond B-3 organ and a wide variety of brass, woodwinds and strings.

• The unique ability to sort by microphone to check out the best instruments for each mic, or sort by instrument to see which mics work best.

Brought to fruition by guitar great Steve Vai, revered engineer Allen Sides and Metal Sidecar Inc., this incredibly useful new app utilizes a legendary microphone collection–a whole “locker” full–to reveal Grammy-winning secrets that allow you to pair the right mic with the right instrument with its optimum placement.

Priced at $9.99, the Ocean Way Microphone Locker is available at iTunes.