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still in hall of fame speech special mention penny

Beijing time lv bags on September 25 news, according to the American gossip magazine “terez owens” report, although the virtuous man retired, but “flower tiger” never far from our line of sight. Recently a news came, virtuous man and his documentary directors lv have a meal together, maybe this film have been finished.

A few days ago, a reporter photographed virtuous man with a famous director, actors penny Marshall have a meal together. Penny is louis vuitton outlet a very crazy NBA (micro Po) fans, she is very like Los Angeles clippers (micro Po). And she is also very like crazy. So, the player’s agent to find her fencing documentary, is undoubtedly very appropriate. And penny also said for virtuous man documentary about let her very excited: “when they find me, louis vuitton Dennis and his agent asked me whether I would like to make a documentary for them.” louis vuitton outlet And penny is also very happy promised. louis vuitton So someone chaff said virtuous man is penny “Muse”.

Penny a few famous words, such as louis vuitton handbags “you can in the game Shouting, and won’t have security put you out.” And such as “I have one can detect the madman radar.” In fact, penny would have started to make player documentary. In the last player in the hall of fame, the tiger is still in hall of fame speech special mention penny, he was special for the photographers to a penny
A close-up, then joked: “penny in help me do a documentary, hope she finished, I’m still alive.” louis vuitton handbags Thus it can be seen, penny is belong to the “fire makes sweet malt” director. Do not know when will the documentary and we meet.

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