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Studio Technologies Ships Updated Versions of Popular Model 41and 42A IFB Interface

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 4, 2014 – Studio Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of tailored high-performance audio, video and fiber-optic products for the professional audio, installation and broadcast markets, is now shipping enhanced versions of the popular Model 41 and Model 42A Line-Level Audio to IFB Circuit Interfaces (Booth C11149). The units have received revised and updated circuitry and components for increased long-term reliability in tough field applications. The enclosure for both models has also been upgraded to aluminum, effectively reducing overall unit weight by 3 pounds (1.4 kg), while still maintaining the steel front panel for rugged performance in rack-mount applications.

“At Studio Technologies, we are constantly looking to improve the performance and reliability of our equipment, whether new offerings or legacy products” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “The updates to our Model 41 and Model 42A Line-Level Audio to IFB Circuit Interface units reflect this philosophy by updating the units to use latest circuit board manufacturing techniques and newer components. We also understand that broadcasting of live events is on the rise, so re-examining the units to make them lighter and stronger would be of real benefit to OB/production trucks and flypack operations. With these applications even saving a few pounds of weight can provide significant transportation cost reductions when viewed over the life of a product.”

Optimized for fixed, mobile, and semi-portable applications, the Model 41 and Model 42A single rack-space units are specifically designed to link matrix intercom systems with IFB-compatible beltpacks and announcer’s consoles. The units have four independent channels that create industry-standard powered IFB circuits, each supplying a 30 volt DC source and two audio channels. The Model 41 offers four back-panel IFB output connectors, while the Model 42A has IFB output connectors on both the front and back panels. Additional features include dual LED level meters, DC power monitoring, and a headphone output to allow audible monitoring of audio signals associated with the IFB circuits. Both units now weigh less than four pounds (1.7 kg), which is beneficial for weight-sensitive mobile installations. The upgraded units are functionally and physically compatible with the original units.

About Studio Technologies, Inc.
Studio Technologies, Inc. provides tailored, high-performance video, audio and fiber optic products for the professional audio and broadcast markets. The company was founded in 1978 with a commitment to design and manufacture dependable, individualized solutions for broadcast studio, stadium and corporate environments. Known for “designing for the way professionals work,” the company is recognized as an industry leader that has never wavered from its individualized design pledge. Product categories include fiber-optic transport, broadcast support, mobile broadcast, intercom and IFB, announcer consoles, loudspeaker monitor control systems and sound pressure level monitor systems. For more information, please visit the Studio Technologies website at or call 847.676.9177.