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Studio Technologies Unveils Model 211 Announcer’s Console

Flexible all-analog design and configuration options for broadcast and audio applications

SKOKIE, IL, MARCH 15, 2016 Studio Technologies, manufacturer of high-quality audio, video and fiber-optic solutions, introduces the new Model 211 Announcer’s Console, designed to serve as the audio control center for announcers, commentators and production talent. The unit integrates all on-air, talkback and cue audio signal routing into one compact system with the configuration flexibility to allow optimization for a wide range of applications. For simple installation, standard connectors are used to interface with analog microphone, headphone, talkback and talent cue signals. Whether the Model 211 is used for microphone switching, talkback output or headphone cue feed, superior analog audio quality is maintained.

“The Model 211 fits into our 200-series line of analog announcer’s consoles by addressing some specific features requested by field production personnel,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “Based on our popular Model 210, the Model 211 offers an alternate feature set, specifically in the area of directly supporting analog cue audio sources. Rather than being designed for compatibility with powered IFB, the Model 211 allows connection with standard balanced and unbalanced audio signals. All of the 200 series units offer ease of use, configuration flexibility and sonic excellence, and the Model 211 is no exception. The unit is at home when used for on-air television or radio broadcasting, live-event streaming, stadium announcement and other general-purpose audio applications.”

Key Model 211 features include mic preamp with selectable gain and P48 phantom power, two line-level cue inputs, two pushbutton switches that offer programmable “click-free” audio path control, and transformer-balanced main and talkback outputs to maximize quality and reliability. The mic input is compatible with balanced dynamic or condenser microphones and incorporates a preamplifier circuit that provides low-noise/low-distortion amplification over a 20- to 60dB gain range in 10dB steps. The main output is intended for use as an on-air, stadium announce or other primary audio feed. The talkback output contains resistors in series with its output connections, allowing the user to directly combine talkback outputs from multiple units.

Extensive configuration choices are accessible via DIP switches located on the bottom of the tabletop unit’s enclosure. A broad range of configuration choices let users easily select their desired operating parameters. The Model 211 was designed and built with professional-quality components throughout to deliver the highest quality audio and reliable performance. Audio routing is performed using solid-state devices and each critical audio path features “clickless” electronic switches for noise-free control. All inputs and outputs make extensive use of protection components to help prevent damage from “real-world” signal anomalies.

About Studio Technologies, Inc.

Studio Technologies, Inc. provides tailored, high-performance video, audio and fiber optic products for the professional audio and broadcast markets. Founded in 1978, the company is committed to designing and manufacturing dependable, cost-effective, and creative solutions for fixed and field broadcast, stadium, and corporate environments. Known for “designing for the way professionals work,” the company is recognized as an industry leader. Product categories include fiber-optic transport, intercom and IFB interfaces, announcer consoles, and loudspeaker monitor control systems. A growing line of Dante-enabled audio-over-Ethernet products is receiving wide recognition. For more information, please visit the Studio Technologies website at or call 847.676.9177.