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NASHVILLE, TENNESEE, AUGUST 13, 2008— Ever since being introduced to Aviom’s Personal Mixers, Nashville-based rock band Jars of Clay has been touring the world, making Aviom’s Pro16® monitor mixing and audio distribution gear a regular part of its audio toolkit. This year, as the summer touring season heats up, Aviom products will travel with the band from city to city as part of the Music Builds Tour, a traveling festival that raises money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. The event will kick off on August 21 in Detroit, MI and will conclude in Denver, CO on October 12.

“We are going on five years using the Aviom Pro16 rig,� says guitarist Matt Odmark. “We travel with it all the time, and we have never had an Aviom product fail. We’re excited to use it on this tour; we are hoping to play to almost 200,000 people by the end of the summer!�

According to Odmark, the modular design of Aviom’s monitor mixing and audio distribution equipment enables the band to easily adapt their set-up for any number of situations. This is especially important for a tour like Music Builds, which takes place at a variety of outdoor and amphitheater venues across the country. The six-member band uses various configurations of three A-16II Personal Mixers and three A-16R rack-mount mixers with A-16CS Control Surfaces and Sennhieser beltpacks for wireless in-ear-monitoring. All are networked via the A-16D A-Net Distributor, an AN-16/i-M Input Module, and the Aviom-16/o-Y1 card, which enables Aviom to connect directly into a Yamaha mixing board.

“Aviom has given us vastly greater flexibility in monitoring while on the road, has drastically improved the sonic quality of our monitoring experience, has simplified onstage communication and has basically made better performances possible in the most unlikely of scenarios,� Odmark says. “It makes high-pressure performances, where sound checks are quick and things are constantly changing, so much less stressful. Whereas before our expectations were something along the lines of ‘I hope I hear something,’ now I know that no matter how crunched we are, I can always dial up a preset mix that will not only get me through the gig but will allow me to concentrate on the music.�

In addition to touring, Jars of Clay uses Aviom in its Nashville rehearsal space and plans to extend its use in the near future.

“We are constantly experiencing the benefits of the Aviom system, and if we ever have to do a gig without them, the difference is immediately noticeable,� Odmark says. “I anticipate us installing a monitoring rig using Aviom in our studio, which we expect will be constructed in the next year or so.�

Aviom is the world leader and pioneer of personal monitor mixing technology with the popular Pro16 Series®, as well as the exclusive developer of the revolutionary Pro64® Series of audio networking products. All Aviom products are powered by A-Net®, the company’s groundbreaking high-speed digital audio transmission protocol. Aviom products solve problems in a variety of different environments, including live sound reinforcement, audio recording studios, houses of worship, theater, broadcasting and post-production facilities and a host of commercial installations. Aviom’s entire line of high-quality professional audio products is designed and manufactured in the USA.