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Sunglasses structure – stained lens

Sunglasses lens color determines the lenses can absorb part of the light spectrum which. Manufacturers use different colors to produce a specific effect of the use.
Common color gray is good, at the same time reduce the brightness, color distortion is minimized. Grey lenses provide glare protection, makes it the ideal choice for driving and general use.
Yellow or golden lens can reduce the blue, while allowing more light passes through the lens of the other frequencies. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses blue-ray can rebound and dispersed a lot of light, and thus be able to produce a blue haze of glare effect. In fact, yellow can eliminate the blue portion of the spectrum, such that all objects appear to be bright and clear. This is why the anti-Snow-blind sunglasses are generally yellow reasons. These colors make the color perception a little distortion, and therefore the kind of color sunglasses are not suitable for those who need to accurately identify the color of the activities.
Amber and brown are also a good general-purpose color. They can reduce glare effects, in addition to other than ultraviolet; its unique molecules can absorb higher frequency color, such as blue. Studies have shown that long-term near-ultraviolet light irradiation, is one of the causative factors for cataracts. In fact, Sun Tiger have a special version called Blue Blockers, owns the patent. Such sunglasses with yellow lenses can cause color distortion, but it will increase the contrast and sharpness.
The green lenses Ray Ban Outlet part of the Blue-ray, can reduce glare effect. All color lenses, green lenses provide the highest contrast and apparent sharpness, so popular.
Green or blue background, purple and rose-colored lenses can provide the best contrast of objects. Therefore, they are a good choice for hunting and water skiing.
Many sunglasses manufacturers use a process called constant density to the lens dyeing. This is the oldest sunglasses manufacturing process, the glass or polycarbonate mixture material has the same color. Thus such in the process of manufacturing lenses, the color is inside the lens. Molecular plating the surface of the pure polycarbonate layer absorbs light, but also a dyeing method. The most commonly used method is to a polycarbonate lens dyeing lenses were immersed in a special liquid containing a coloring substance, so that the coloring substance will be slowly absorbed by the plastic. If you want a darker, simply extend the lens immersed in liquid.