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Sunglasses syndrome

The summer wearing sunglasses, many people put some glasses Lenses, worn in the eye all day long. And some young people in order to pursue fashionable Wholesale Sunglasses as an ornament, regardless of the occasion, the eye separated from the mirror, over time it will cause decreased vision, blurred vision, severe headache, dizziness, blurred vision, and can not be long as the generated symptoms. Medical experts called the symptoms “sunglasses syndrome. This disease is reflected in the variety of discomfort, such as early in the parts of the eye near the nose, around the numbness and tingling, breathing symptoms become more pronounced, much like the flu, others feel like small insects crawling on the face Walking, gingival numbness, The incisors feeling unwell, poor local blood circulation caused by inflammation of the skin, eye soreness, vision loss.
Anatomy and physiology that has a small hole in the bottom of the eye, called the infraorbital hole, this hole has an important nerve branches, namely the trigeminal nerve infraorbital nerve. It is distributed in the oral fissure eye fissure between the skin and nose, in charge of sensory function. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses weight and mirror ring focus infraorbital nerve compression, it will lead to the discomfort of the nerve distribution area, multi-appear after 2-3 weeks of wearing sunglasses.
Prevention of sunglasses syndrome, is necessary to correct and rational use of sunglasses. Do not choose large glasses. Because such frames are mostly imported, foreigners face design, the majority of our adult double pupil distance optical center distance is less than the imported glasses, wearing the glasses will greatly increase the eyeball adjustment function the burden of damage eyesight. Street the stand sits sale cheap sunglasses produced very rough, the lenses of varying thickness, the color is not uniform, the poor optical performance, wear easily cause headache, eye pain, fatigue and discomfort, often wearing Cheap Oakley Sunglasses that bad can easily lead to vision loss. Secondly, as far as possible do not wear large sunglasses. To shorten the time wearing glasses must be worn, pick a mirror with the palm of your hand along the Orbital nose on both sides of massage 10-20 once sunglasses syndrome, you should stop wearing.