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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – DECEMBER 2010: Symetrix, Inc. announces software update 1.1 for its revolutionary line of “zero-learning curve” Jupiter digital signal processors. Inspired by the wildly successful ‘apps’ paradigm of smart phones, Jupiter hardware runs pre-configured apps that are downloaded from the Symetrix website to meet the needs of any modest-scale processing and routing situation. The 1.1 update heralds the arrival of Jupiter 4 and Jupiter 12 hardware, adds FIR filters along with new apps that use them, and provides users with a handful of programming and functional refinements.

Jupiter 8 hardware, with eight inputs and eight outputs, has been in the hands (and racks) of happy users for months, while many have been eagerly awaiting the release of Jupiter 4 (four inputs and four outputs) and Jupiter 12 (twelve inputs and four outputs). With the release of Jupiter software 1.1,

all three hardware configurations are supported and shipping.
In addition, version 1.1 adds FIR filter support. FIR filters have fast become the mainstay of well-tuned sound reinforcement systems, and Jupiter now implements them in several new sound reinforcement apps that are remarkably easy to use. Additional software refinements include the ability to preset logic outputs and a new app – “Sound Reinforcement 6” – that features additional input dynamics and managed full-range outputs.

Finally, Jupiter version 1.1 adds programming functionality that users will appreciate. The “Event Manager” now permits scheduled preset recall by time of day. The names of inputs, outputs, zones, paging stations, and more can now be named by the user to make systems immediately comprehensible and site-specific. Also, the version number of each app now shows in its system panel.

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