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London, England, January 22, 2009 —Tanglewood, a leading acoustic guitar brand in the UK, has partnered with Scandinavia’s top custom luthier, Michael Sanden, to produce a version of Sanden’s famous guitars called “Tanglewood Masterdesign by Michael Sanden� that will feature Elixir® Strings. Over the past five years, Elixir® Strings has been standard on all Tanglewood premium guitars, so featuring them on the new line was an easy decision.

“While developing our Tanglewood Masterdesign by Michael Sanden, we knew we wanted our guitars to sound fresh for a longer period of time,� explains Tony Flatt, managing director, Tanglewood. “That’s why we chose Elixir Strings—because of their lifespan and renowned consistency, they proved to be the ideal choice.�

Flatt adds, “We use the very finest timbers for the soundboard and fingerboard to create a unique resonance within each instrument. It would be a shame to spoil that synergy by fitting our guitars with none other than the very best, which we found in Elixir Strings.�

The Tanglewood Masterdesign line of guitars is a top end, boutique-quality instrument with an affordable price point starting at £1,199 in the UK and $2,295 in the U.S. Made with all solid woods and outfitted with Medium gauge, 80/20 bronze Elixir® Strings, each of the six models are electro acoustic and come with your choice of Mahogany or Indian rosewood backs and sides with a high gloss finish.

Tanglewood guitars have been voted the #1 Acoustic Guitar Brand in the UK and Ireland for the past two years. With more than 300 guitars in its repertoire, Tanglewood prides itself on carrying over 60 models of left-handed guitars, which has helped it establish itself as a truly inclusive brand, selling everything from a left-handed 12-string electro acoustic to a deluxe 5-string banjo, with all instruments covered in between. The new Masterdesign series will begin shipping in the UK in February 2009 and in the USA in the spring of 2009.

About Elixir® Strings
Elixir® Strings is the pioneer in coated string technology and is available in two string ‘flavors.’ Strings with ultra-thin NANOWEB® Coating provides the bright tone and punch of uncoated strings, yet keep their lively tone three to five times longer than ordinary strings. The thin coating is nearly undetectable – providing the feel of traditional strings. Elixir® Strings with original POLYWEB® Coating also sound great three to five times longer than ordinary strings, have a balanced tone with smooth response, feel comfortably smooth, and reduce finger squeak. Elixir® Strings are available in a full range of gauges for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin.

Today, Elixir® Strings are installed as original equipment by a growing list of discriminating electric guitar and bass manufacturers including Ibanez, Tom Anderson Guitarworks, Brian Moore Guitars, Carvin, Melancon Guitars as well as premium acoustic guitar luthiers such as Taylor Guitars, Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Lakewood Guitars, CA Guitars, Carvin, and Goodall Guitars. Elixir® Strings are endorsed by popular artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Train, Dave Mason, Michael W. Smith, Jim Messina, Christopher Cross, Bob Seger, and Drowning Pool.

Elixir® Strings are manufactured by W. L. Gore & Associates, the company widely known for such innovations as GORE-TEX® Fabrics. For more information, please visit