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Technotrix And Martin Audio March Across The Midwest

TECHNOTRIX kept very busy this summer providing audio systems for Lollapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park and the Illinois State Fair. Martin Audio line arrays were used to provide concert-quality sound in these very different environments.

At Lollapalooza, Bourbonnais, Illinois-based TECHNOTRIX was responsible for the BMI stage and Perry’s World, a 270º nearly-in-the-round showcase for leading DJs from around the world.

The main challenge at Perry’s World was getting even coverage in the round without overloading the stage with bass. As TECHNOTRIX’s Kevin Kiefer explains, “we had subs all the way around a circular stage, which could be problematic, especially if you put a DJ in the middle of that. We actually set up six cardioid arrays of WSX subwoofers at the perimeter of the stage, which allowed for very even coverage of the audience without too much low end concentrated on the


“We used four hangs

of eight W8LMs to get the 270º coverage around the stage,� adds Kiefer. “The limited rigging capacity of the structure meant the system had to be light and powerful. We also used Martin Audio amps, XTA processing and a Digidesign Profile console.�

For the Illinois State fair a few weeks later, Technotrix was handling production for the Grandstand stage. The stage featured a variety of national artists such as Lynyrd Skynrd, Kelly Clarkson, Montgomery Gentry and Heart, among others.

As Kiefer explains, “the setup consisted of twelve W8LCs and four W8LMs a side for the main hangs and eight W8LM per side for offstage hangs, which were required because the grandstands are almost 600 ft. wide. The audience space is nearly three times wider than it is deep. We used Martin Audio’s Display software to do an extremely accurate SPL prediction as well as a rigging plot to account for the limited weight capacity. This was our largest Martin Audio system to date, with over 110 different cabinets total.�

Asked about the reaction to Martin Audio at both events, Kevin sums up: “Our clients were very happy with both events. At Lollapalooza, one of the engineers for Jane’s Addiction was assisting during a performance by Perry Ferrell and he commented on how good the system sounded.�

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