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TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik Introduces New ELA M 251T at AES 2009

Tube Condenser Mic Uses New Diaphragm Membrane Material

Pictured is the new TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustic ELA M 251T large diaphragm microphone system with stand-mount cable connector, ruggedly-built power supply, wooden microphone box, and classic leather bound locking tweed flight case.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik of South Windsor, CT, introduced at AES 2009 the new ELA M 251T. The microphone features the new TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik CK-13 capsule. While based on the classic ELA M 251 models, the ELA M 251T adds a very modern twist.

That twist is the implementation of Alloy 2213(tm) as the diaphragm membrane material for the CK-13(tm) capsule. Alloy 2213 is an amalgam of Titanium and Aluminum, which was originally developed for the aerospace industry.

Traditionally gold has been sputtered onto Mylar(tm) for the diaphragms of the historic CK-12 capsule. By employing Alloy 2213, which

is far more rigid than gold, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has developed a capsule that provides greater accuracy in the low frequency ranges of the audio spectrum by attaining a higher damping factor to the motion of the membrane.

Alloy 2213 is lighter than gold, and when combined with the edge terminated CK-12 system provides an “airy” and “delicate” representation of the upper ranges of the audio spectrum. This affords the user a higher degree of detail in the recorded sound while still providing the depth of audio for which ELA M 251 microphones have been associated for decades.

After extensive R&D, the perfect diaphragm tuning and fabrication was achieved, resulting in a microphone capsule that can better withstand moisture, smoke, and extreme volume, thus requiring less maintenance over the years, and provides the user a superior capture of the sound to be recorded.

The amplifier is the same as the ELA M 251E which features a New Old Stock [NOS] TELEFUNKEN 6072a tube, a European-made output transformer, but also can be fitted to the ELA M 251 amplifier that is fitted with a NOS TELEFUNKEN AC-701 tube. The CK-13 capsule assembly will also be available through regular distribution channels for aftermarket retro-fit to all TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik ELA M 250 and 251 models both new and vintage.

The ELA M 251T also sheds the classic mint green body color of the ELA M 250, 250E, 251, 251E & ELA M 270 in favor of a sleek sulfamate nickel-plated finish to reflect the proprietary capsule technology. The ELA M 251T System comes complete with capsule, amplifier, power supply, and 4-year warranty. Included in the package is a stand-mount cable connector, ruggedly-built power supply, wooden microphone box, and a classic leather bound locking tweed flight case.

Price TBA.

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