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TELEFUNKEN Introduces New ELA M 251 Tube Mic Stereo Sets

Shipping With Custom Dual Power Supply and Locking Flight Case

Pictured is the new TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik ELA M 251

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has introduced the new ELA M 251 tube microphone Stereo Set, which comes complete with a custom dual power supply capable of powering both microphones simultaneously. Also included is a locking flight case that securely holds both sets of microphones, cables, wooden boxes, and dual power supply.

The ELA M 251 is arguably the greatest large diaphragm tube microphone ever built. Sought after by top recording engineers, producers, and musicians, the ELA M 251 offered a real-life sonic characteristic second to none. The Austrian-designed CK12 capsule featured a level of detail and sonic quality that had never been heard before from any other capsule at that time.

TELEFUNKEN is now manufacturing both the ELA M 251 and ELA M 251E once again. The microphone features TELEFUNKEN’s new CK12 capsule (built from the original manufacturers technical specifications), a Haufe (manufacturer of the original) output transformer built to match the original, and a microphone-grade 6072a or AC701 tube as found in the original systems.

Every component in each of the two TELEFUNKEN Stereo Set microphones is hand-selected, allowing as close a match as is possible between each system. Capsules are tuned to each other; transformers and tube are tested for matched gain and frequency response.

The TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251 and ELA M 251E Stereo Sets provide a variety of stereo recording techniques, including X/Y coincidental pairs when utilizing the mics in their cardioid patterns, or A/B spaced pairs while using the mics in either cardioid or omni. The option of a Blumlein pair is also available with both microphones set to figure-8, as well as the traditional M/S (mid / side) technique when using one mic in cardioid and the other in figure-8.

TELEFUNKEN’s ELA M 251 Stereo Sets are ideal for recording classical music and large signal sources such as orchestras, choirs, and large chamber groups. Stereo Sets are also appropriate on drum overheads, acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion.

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