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TELEFUNKEN Introduces Two New Mics at Winter NAMM

New CU-29 Copperhead Mic & New M80 Wireless Head

Pictured is the new TELEFUNKEN CU-29 Copperhead vacuum tube microphone.

Award-winning TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is introducing two new products especially suited to the music and recording technology attendees at Winter NAMM in Anaheim.
New CU-29 “Copperhead” Condenser Mic with Vintage NOS Tube
TELEFUNKEN’S new large diaphragm condenser microphone has been in development for 18 months. The CU-29 Copperhead, newest addition to the company’s acclaimed R-F-T line, was designed by the in-house engineering team, with outside consultation from some of the world’s top amplifier designers.

The new CU-29 Copperhead is based around a unique circuit that features a New Old Stock (NOS) TELEFUNKEN vacuum tube, custom audio transformer, and a fixed cardioid large diaphragm capsule. Sonically, the microphone exhibits similar characteristics found in its

R-F-T series counterparts, the AR-51 and the AK-47 MkII.

New M80-WH Wireless Microphone Capsule Head
Originally developed for Green Day, the M80-WH dynamic wireless capsule is now available for a wide variety of live sound applications. These capsule head replacements are interchangeable with any of the screw-on-type handheld transmitters that receive a 31.3mm/pitch 1.0mm threading.

The M80-WH capsule’s directional pickup pattern and wide frequency response yields a microphone that provides an ideal blend of functionality, isolation, and a distinctively pleasing tone. The new M80-WH is sonically open, requiring little or no EQ to fit into a live or recorded mix. Minimal proximity effect gives the dynamic capsule a smooth, balanced presence that is neither boomy nor overpowering.

Hear TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s latest offerings at
Winter NAMM in Anaheim, Booth #1874.

To learn more about TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, visit: