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Telefunken | USA Introduces U 48 Vacuum Tube Microphone

New Historic Re-issue from Award-Winning Company.

Pictured is the Telefunken U 48 Microphone System.

Award-winning Telefunken | USA is introducing at AES the U 48, a new vacuum tube microphone which incorporates precision vintage expertise with modern technology to further move the company into the future of innovative microphone design and manufacturing.

In 1957, Telefunken began distributing the U 48, which offered identical specifications as the famous U 47, with one notable modification: the U 48 featured Cardioid and Bidirectional patterns, rather than the Cardioid and Omni patterns found on the U 47. This feature allowed engineers to make use of the M-S and Blumlein stereo techniques, which were popular with classical recording engineers.

In today’s professional studio environment, stereo microphone techniques are often used to provide ambience when recording drums, horn and string sections, and also for recording solo acoustic instruments. The U 47 is an exceptional microphone for this purpose, and a U 47/ U 48 set of microphones offers the engineer stereo recording options that are not otherwise available. When used in Cardioid, the U 48 sonic response is identical to that of the U 47, and is often the microphone of choice for vocal recording.

Telefunken | USA is proud to present this addition to its comprehensive line of microphones. The U 48 microphone system is available in both Platinum and Professional editions. Details are available from the dealer network or directly from Telefunken | USA.

Hear the future…

Visit Telefunken | USA at AES San Francisco, Booth #409

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