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The Wheel of Time series consists of:
1.(January 15, 1990)2.(November 15, 1990)3.(October 15, 1991)4.(September 15, 1992)5.(October 15, 1993)6.(October 15, 1994)Locus Award nominee, 19957.(May 15, 1996)8.(October 20, 1998)9.(November 9 Nike Zoom Kobe VII, 2000)10.(January 7, 2003)11.(October 11, 2005)12.(October 27, 2009)coauthored by Sanderson13.(November 2, 2010)coauthored by Sanderson14.(January 8, 2013)coauthored by Sanderson

In addition to the main sequence, Robert Jordan also wrote some accessory works:
[] Other published works[] Cheyenne RaidersThis section requires . (April 2012)

Cheyenne Raiders is a published in 1982 under the Jackson O’Reilly for the Forge imprint of .
[] The Fallon Saga

(1980), published under the Reagan O’Neal Nike Zoom Kobe VII Black Yellow Gray, was Jordan’s second novel and first published novel. It was edited and published by Jordan’s future wife, , for her personal imprint, . After they finished promoting the book on tour, they began dating, and when Jordan asked McDougal to marry him cheap jordan shoes, he began selling his books directly to at . The following two books, (1981) and (1982) were published under Tor’s Forge imprint. Jordan originally planned to take the series much further:
“I had intended to do a Southern arc of history. The general arc of history that is studied in the United States and recognized is the move out of New England—Pennsylvania and New York—into the Ohio valley, and from there west to California, but there was a southern arc, which was the move out of Virginia and the Carolinas into Louisiana and Mississippi, and from there into Texas Nike Zoom Kobe VII Black Gray Yellow, and from there through New Mexico and Arizona into California. And I wanted to follow that in a series of novels that I originally intended to go from the American Revolution through the Vietnam War, but I’ll tell you the truth…I got tired of them. They were doing nicely, but I just got tired of them and said, “I want to do something else.””

—Robert Jordan
[] Conan the Barbarian

Jordan was one of several writers who have written new stories. When obtained the rights, he needed a novel very quickly, so Jordan’s wife recommended him because she knew he had written his first novel, Warriors of the Altaii, in thirteen days.
“So he thought I could write something fast, and he was right, and I liked it. It was fun writing something completely over the top, full of purple prose, and in a weak moment I agreed to do five more and the novelization of the second Conan movie.

I’ve decided that those things were very good discipline for me. I had to work with a character and a world that had already been created and yet find a way to say something new about the character and the world. That was a very good exercise.

—Robert Jordan

Some bibliographies also include Conan: King of Thieves; this was actually the working title of the second Conan movie, and hence also the title Jordan’s novelization. Jordan had already been hired to do the novelization and Tor had already applied for an ISBN when the title was changed to Conan the Destroyer.

They were packed into two separate volumes: