they said, if we all tight get Michael Kors Purses together

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The second volley of rifle fire put finished, we thought the wolves attack temporarily stopped, and I hope they have fled. But after a while, the back of the Wolf ran came up. We have put two rows pistol bullet. So, we have to put four volley of rifle fire. I believe that, at least, killing 17, 8 Wolf and wounded about one more times. But, they still pour in.

I don't want to put in a hurry after the last a volley of rifle fire, he called his Michael Kors Handbags Outlet servant. I didn't call on Friday, but call me newly hired the sailor. On Friday there is more important task to do. In our fire, he at an alarming speed for me and his own gun ammunition. So I said, my name is newly hired servant. I gave him one horn powder, ordered him along the root length of wood powder and go down, and then into a really long powder line. He did what done. He just turned back, wolves rushed over, there are a few even already rush the long wood. I immediately grabbed a no pass pistol, close to the gunpowder line open one gun, make the powder burning up. Triumph in the timber few Wolf to burn; There are six or seven only because of the power and fear, but even with jump down to fall into the us. We immediately solved them. The other is the Wolf is scared to death, and then it was dark down, the look is more terrible, this ability so that those who Wolf backed a few steps.

At this moment, I ordered the crew with a pistol fire together, that is we the rest of the last batch of no pass pistol. Then everyone Shouting in chorus. This makes the Wolf turned tail away. So we rushed to the more than twenty wounded Michael Kors Purses Outlet Wolf and; They have ran to be not moved, just on the ground struggle. We picked up the knife run amok. As we have expected, the way it is working, and for those who escaped the Wolf heard they peer shrieks, know good things, just scared to run away, and never came back.

We have killed more than 60 Wolf. If during the daytime, we may be able to kill more. Clear of the enemy, they move on. We have three miles out of the way. On the way, there are several times, hear hungry Wolf howl roaring in the forest. Sometimes, as if also see a few Wolf form, but because the snow dazzling light, dare not really sure. About another half an hour, we just scheduled to stay overnight in the small town. There, found the whole town people are in a blue funk, and armed to the teeth. The original yesterday evening, there are many wolves and a few bear into the village, and people are frightened, have to patrol guard day and night; Especially the night, more to be carefully guarded, protect the animals, but also to protect the whole population.

The next morning, the patient's condition aggravated; Two of his wounds fester, so all limbs swelling up, cannot hit the road. We had to hire a new guide, takes us to the soil roos (1). There has a mild climate, rich products, the beautiful scenery, neither snow, no Michael Kors Outlet Wolf or other beast of prey. When we in the soil Ruth put our experience told the local person, and they say to us, at the foot of a large forest, meet a Wolf is commonplace, especially when the ground is covered with snow, the Wolf is swarms appeared.

Again and again they ask us, we hired which guide, dare in the heavy snow day take us go this way. And they said, we did not give the Wolf eaten, it is so lucky! We told them that we are surrounded the horse in the middle, place into a triangle array beat back the wolves. They listen to the greatly blame us for a while and said we don't have your life give away, it's luck. LangZhu if want to eat a horse. They are so desperateness blunt come up, is due to see the horse behind us. Generally speaking, the Wolf is afraid of gun, but when they are hungry, regardless of the danger, just want to rob the horse eat. If it weren't for our continuous shot, and finally use light powder way they scare, we probably would have to the hungry Wolf ate to pieces. In fact, as long as we sit steady immediately, like cavalry that shot to the wolves, they see someone immediately, they won't give the horse as the prey. Finally, they said, if we all tight get Michael Kors Purses together, leave our horses, Wolf will only want to eat with horse and won't tube us, we also can peace through, and what's more, we have weapons, and there is safety in Numbers.