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Thinnest Gadgets in the World

Thin is in. Not only do thin gadgets look cool, they often use less power. Here’s a collection of some of the thinnest gadgets in the world. MP3 Player If you thought the Apple iPod Nano was thin then check out this MP3 player that’s as thin as a credit card. The Walletex Wallet MP3 player is about as thin as you can get and it’s waterproof to boot. It stores up to 4 GB and they claim you can get over 4 hours of play back on a single charge. Thin TV Sets This past January we saw the thinnest Plasma TV at CES, the 50″ Pioneer Kuro “concept” Plasma TV. It was 9 mm thick and was displaying video (honest it was). We haven’t heard any more about it since January although it might have something to do with the announcement that Pioneer is going to stop manufacturing their own Plasma TVs (they recently selected Panasonic to make the panels for them). Sony has started selling its 3 mm thick OLED TV that offers amazing image quality. Announced at CES 2008 and due to ship any day are two super thin LCD TVs from JVC. The 42-inch LT-42SL89 and 46-inch LT-46SL89 HDTVs. Both are members of the Procision family. Depth runs from 39 mm (1.5″) to 74 mm (2.4″ inches) at the center of the panel. Joining the 39 mm club, Hitachi has a series of super thin HDTV sets which are part of the Director Series and the UltraVision V series. The sets are also 39 mm thick and include some impressive features like 120Hz, de-judder smoothing circuitry, and fanless ventilation. Thin Laptops: MacBook Air vs. Voodoo PC Envy (from HP) First there was the Macbook Air, so thin it fits inside a standard-size manilla envelope. The MacBook Air is an impressive laptop but can be a little on the pricey side at well over $2,000 for a decently configured model. It also lacks some useful features like an ethernet adapter (you can’t be all WiFi all the time). HP is offering a Windows-based competitior to the Macbook Air with the Envy133 which comes from the Voodoo PC group and edges out the Air’s thinness by a fraction of an inch. The MacBook Air is 0.76″ and weighs just under 3 lbs. while the Envy133 measures 0.70″ but weighs a tad more than the Macbook at 3.4 lbs.Excellent quality and reasonable price of Fake chloe wallet will be your best choice. Both laptops offer similar features like a 13.3″ LCD display with LED backlight. The big difference is the Envy133 runs Windows out of the box. Thin Cell Phones There’s Motorola’s razor thin MotoRAZR V3 at 13.9 mm thick which started the thin cell phone movement and now there are other super thin cell phones starting to appear on the scene. Nokia has a very thin cell phone coming soon called the E71. It’s 10 mm thick and has all the E series features like WiFi, HSDPA, A-GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera and a front facing camera for video chat. LG will be shipping a new addition to its Black Label Series which currently includes phones like the Chocolate and the Shine. The new phone called the Secret (model number LG-SU600, we think), is made of carbon fiber, weighs 116 grams (4 oz), is 11.8 mm (.46″) thick, has a 5 megapixel camera with face detection (who needs a camera now?), 120 fps video recording and includes a tempered glass, touchscreen display. Thin Camera BenQ’s new 8 megapixel T850 camera is 14.9 mm thick (at thinnest part) and includes a “swipe” gesture interface, which BenQ claims is unique among touch screen cameras. It will come in black and red and include a 3x optical zoom, 3-inch display, image stabilization and face technology. The price hasn’t been announced just yet, but you’ll be able to get this one in black or red when it launches in the (presumably) not too distant future. Casio’s Exilim EX-S10 is another skinny camera measuring 13.8 mm at its thinnest part. It’s a 10.1 MP camera with a 2.Christmas is coming, we recommend some Fake Necktie for your suggestion..Choose different styles of Paypal payment of Fake marc jacobs wallet in our website.7 inch display.