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Third Year for Equator Monitors And American Idol Ford Videos

Chris Bellman and Francis Buckley at Grundman

Mastering with Chris Bellman and Francis Buckley:

Hollywood, CA –May 13, 2010… Equator Audio Research, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of highly accurate studio reference monitors for mission critical recording applications, is now being used for the third year in a row in the recording and mixing process for the American Idol Ford Music Videos.

The American Idol Ford Music Videos have been an ongoing integral part of the actual American Idol television broadcast. The audio for the Ford videos is produced by the Wojahn Bros, Roger and Scott and engineered by Grammy Award winner Francis Buckley. The tracks are recorded at the Record Plant in Hollywood. For these sessions the Equator Q12 monitors rest right behind the

SSL in the main Record Plant room.

“Roger likes it loud and the Q12s are able to keep up with the mains and give him the punch he wants to hear during tracking.� noted Francis Buckley. After completing the tracking session the Q12s are then moved to Francis’ home studio where the audio is mixed.

“I’ve recently rebuilt my home studio and this is the first real project that I’ve done in the new room� Buckley continued. “I‘ve got multiple brands of monitors at my disposal but I trust my Q12s and even though I’ll double check things with the other monitors, I use the Q12s as my decision maker.�

Bernie Grundman Mastering has been mastering the American Idol Ford Music Videos since Buckley came on board in season 3. “Chris Bellman has been my mastering engineer and friend for a good many years and we have worked on a lot of projects there. He is my most trusted set of ears. While I look at the little details, he looks at the overall mix in a way that I can’t … and I have to say that everything going into Chris’ hands, and through that Grundman custom analogue console, sounds better coming out.�

“This year my mixes have reached a new level …. on 3 of the last 4 mixes, little or no EQ or compression was used for the final master. It’s very rare to come out of mastering without some tweaking and to do it 3 out of 4 times tells me that the combination of the Equator monitors and my new room is working� Buckley stated.

“Since you started using these Equator monitors I really haven’t had to do a lot of processing� was Bellman’s comment to Francis following this string of mixes.

About Equator Audio Research
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