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Tips and steps to use the mac makeup eyeliner.

Brains tips: must be sure not to forget to draw the wholesale mac makeup eye liner, the principle still fill the lash roots. Eyeliner makeup to others has been difficult to give yourself should be more difficult. Emphasize again – especially specific to the make-up skills – make-up to have a practice, passion and perseverance in order to use it freely.Want to make the eyes look larger. And it is an essential part of the eyeliner. However, many people have complained that the mac cosmetics wholesale eyeliner is difficult to draw, unable to delineate a beautiful eyeliner. Indeed, the eyeliner is good or bad will affect the quality of the entire makeup. We easily eyeliner. Eyeliner and eyeliner and certainly can play to create elegant and expressive beautiful eyes!The steps of the lash line.1) First of all, sitting in front of the mirror with zoom effect.2) hands pushing the eyelid, gently low. I found along the eyeliner sharp point at the painting more natural. (For example, I am right-handed, the eyeliner tip easily on the left. My to draw left eye with his right hand eyeliner from the inside corner painting.

3) draw a continuous thin liner (repeat painted that draw thick eyeliner). The secret is very useful for me, but for you is the best. I try to teach my mother to use liquid eyeliner, almost with a big bottle of water remover. (When my mother insisted that I try using eyeliner to paint himself as eyeliner how difficult, I also spent a bottle of water remover.) Anyway, draw a simple black eyeliner, and then coated with a little bit of mascara and lip gloss, you can own departure, to enjoy their own “Roman Holiday”.