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Tonal Gets Back To ‘Nature’ For PBS


NEW YORK, NY—Thanks to overwhelming demand from PBS viewers (like you), Composer Alex Lasarenko, Founder/Creative Director of the original music and sound design house Tonal ( has created to two new remixes based on his original theme music to the venerable show Nature. The remixes are available as free downloads at the PBS website:

“PBS wanted something with a sense of panorama to it something with movement and energy, not some stilted, majestic score,� Lasarenko said. “The melody is cinematic but when paired with a powerful percussion groove it takes it to a whole other level.�

Soaring and memorable, the original :40 theme effortlessly blended an orchestral feel with a distinctly African rhythm section, but it was clearly scored to picture. For the remixes, Lasarenko gave himself license to further explore the rhythm and the groove, bringing in an array of different percussion instruments, all the while still maintaining the melodic hook that viewers over the years have responded to.

To create the remixes, Lasarenko and the Tonal creative team not only revisited the original recordings, using some elements and discarding others, but also bringing in some guest musicians including Phil Meyers, a first chair French horn player in the New York Philharmonic orchestra and noted percussionist Todd Schietroma.

“Even though we have an array of digital samplers, software and synths at our disposal, there is something about a real musician and the nuance and phrasing they bring to a performance that you can’t recreate digitally,� Lasarenko says.

However, Lasarenko notes, expanding a small piece of music can be a tricky affair. The longer version had to maintain what people love about the original piece but also take it to a new place that offers listeners a deeper musical experience.

“For me the challenge was to take the memorable elements from the original piece and add to it another layer of musical complexity,� Lasarenko adds. “We experimented a lot with this to get the right balance, but in the end came up with two very distinct remixes that will not only satisfy those who loved the original but also get their toes tapping in a way the original didn’t.�

About Tonal:

Founded in 2002 by award-winning composer/sound designer Alex Lasarenko, Tonal is a place where original music and ideas converge in an artistic environment. Clients ranging from advertising agencies, television networks, feature filmmakers and record labels have sought out Tonal for their distinct ability to craft memorable music no matter the genre. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s West Chelsea arts scene, the company’s offices are destination for artists and performers of all stripes from around the globe. For more information about the company contact Michelle Brunwasser at 212.255.4369 or [email protected]

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