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Top DJ 3LAU Goes Barefoot

Global DJ sensation 3LAU has installed Barefoot Sound's newest MM26 monitors in his private Las Vegas recording studio.

Equips Private Las Vegas Studio with Newest MIcroMain 26 Monitors

Global DJ sensation 3LAU has installed Barefoot Sound’s newest MM26 monitors in his private Las Vegas recording studio. “The primary pieces of gear are my Barefoot monitors,” he explains. “Honestly, they’ve changed my life. Just being able to mix on these speakers — the precision is insane. They’ve become my studio’s most essential gear.”

In addition to the new monitors he purchased from Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center in Maryland, he adds, “I have a Roland weighted keyboard that I use as my MIDI keyboard and I use Logic and Ableton, and a combination of plug-ins between those two softwares to make everything happen.”

Justin David Blau, better known by his stage name 3LAU (pronounced “blau”), grew up in an artistic family, and at an early age was playing piano, guitar and singing. At thirteen he moved with his family to Las Vegas, where he spent the rest of his youth. He attended The Meadows School high school and Washington University in St. Louis

3LAU is taking full advantage of the Barefoot MM26 emulation settings: “That’s one of my favorite features, just being able to switch the sound, but I usually work with them set on Flat. Then when I’m finishing something, making final touches, I’ll definitely use the Cube setting, because that’s such a great way to hear how 90% of the population might be listening to your music. Whether it’s off an Apple laptop speaker, or a pair of headphones, it’s always good to hear how things sound in lower quality, and in mono.”

In 2012, 3LAU focused on DJing and launched his 3LAU Your Mind tour. The Las Vegas Review-Journal described him as “one of America’s fastest-rising DJ-producers.” In 2013, he went on a short tour with Carnage called the Night Riot tour. Jonah Ollman of Sound of Boston wrote about 3LAU’s live performances, “A nice balance of mashups, electro-house, poppy vocal samples, and a 90’s throwback here and there to keep the young 20-something crowd going and constantly entertained.”

3LAU further explains his use of Barefoot emulation monitoring, “Then obviously, I’ll use the Hi-Fi mode to make sure that the bass is sitting right in the mix because a lot of the time, when you hear something on Flat it can sound good, but then when you get on Hi-Fi, the bass is a little bit overwhelming. It’s really good at getting the perfect balance in the mix.”

In the summer of 2015, 3LAU did his first European tour visiting Barcelona, Germany and Ibiza. Later that fall, he went on his first Asian tour, which included Bangkok, Jakarta, and Tokyo. Much of 3LAU’s music incorporates electro house, dubstep and progressive house.  He is known for his melodic take on dance music and live sets that incorporate sampling.

Like other professionals who record on the road, 3LAU is planning on taking his Barefoots. “Right now, while I’m traveling, my production work is mostly headphone-based. But when we do the fully-equipped tour bus thing, I’ll definitely go Barefoot.”

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