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NEW YORK – In just eight months from the studio’s grand opening, the two Solid State Logic Duality consoles in Germano Studios have graced the work of a who’s who of recording artists. From Mariah Carey and Rob Thomas to Paul Simon and Mary J. Blige, Duality’s sterling audio quality and incisive control of Germano’s massive Pro Tools® systems made for smooth creative sessions and satisfied artists coming back for more.

“We are in the business of selling sound and providing a wide palette of sonic choices to our clients, be it a vintage microphone, a classic outboard box or the latest plug-in,� explains Troy Germano, owner of Germano Studios. “With Duality, I truly found the console that is capable of bringing together all these various elements, while delivering that unmistakable signature sound of a Solid State Logic console. Duality allows us to service the needs of clients that are used to working in Pro Tools or used to working in analogue. Duality is the new flagship console for SSL, replacing the 9000 K Series and, as such, the console offers enormous capability over any analogue console SSL offers. That is why we installed two.�

The design philosophy behind offering two identically equipped control rooms was to offer clients transition ease between Studio 1 and Studio 2 whether they were recording, over dubbing or mixing, according to Germano. The unique capability of Duality to offer on-console control of the studio’s Pro Tools systems ensured that projects started in a private home studio environment could easily translate through the Duality. However, with the truly stellar list of major artists now working at Germano Studios, it all has to come back to the sound and that is where the Duality shines.

“The artists love Duality and have returned to the studio for more work on the console,� says Ed Tuton, engineer for the T-Pain with Mary J. Blige project and the new Dreams Come True album just completed at Germano Studios. “Having mastered an album where we mixed eight tracks here and three tracks at other studios, we found that the sound quality between Duality and the other consoles was striking. Duality was much clearer, and this distinct clarity difference really shows up in the mastering process. Duality is a transparent, punchy, true sounding console.�

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