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topped a short moment like this

topped a short moment like this, don’t know who miserably sliced ground to call 1, shout:Which is the town of Wa Li!Which is the town of Wa Li!When the Ai arrives a head This night, have on the town a half person can not safely fallen asleep. Divide in the day dawn, Lee livingsed to hold breath.When this news got abroad, the whole townses sank into new woe. People stand Cheap MAC Makeup in succession postby:08bkyuchang to oneself doorway, silent not language ground the direction that hope old Li Jia.Lee gets sick heavy news who all know, his die not to make people feeling surprised, but make people specially MAC Venomous Villains heavy.The aged person without previous arrangement remembered the age of hunger, his that dissimilarity usually sliced the taste of Gao.Another old friend left the town of Wa Li, this person occupied a special position on several decades of history in the town.The old-age hand holds a walking stick to stand still, the skull starts to rise, tears Shan Shan.They regret to come to old Dian for several days a lead tube, didn’t arrive Lee, he/she livinged of Kang along with sit in seat of honor a to sit.The whole person who all want to stay for a daytime to old Li Jia and oneself rushes favour, the aged painfully waits for the sun falling mountain.They in this endless time in walk to move each other, exchange respectively of sorrow and living concerning Lee of some memories.Everyone’s feeling strange is the dead could not close door for several years, but pop off to unexpectedly make a Wa a Li town is thus open spaces.There is no Lee in the town of Wa Li he/she livings, seem to become incomplete. The last hero also walked on the town of Wa Li!The Sui’s Zhao doesn’t shout down the street, stumbles and continuously falls. His shout to make public ground.The young man on the town is also subjected to an infection gradually and ended their happy voice joke.If say much many small sedans and female public official make people nervous, the throwing of lead tube lose to make people worried, so Lee livings of the dead just truely make peoer.