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Tour Supply forms TSI Distributing for MI, Pro Audio

Nashville, TN (October 1, 2009) Tour Supply, the leading equipment supplier to the pro touring market, has announced the formation of TSI Distributing, a wholesale distribution company specializing in live performance products. The company has exclusive U.S. distribution agreements with 3RD Power Amplification, G-LAB, Palmer and Microphome for its initial product portfolio, and has established a national network of rep firms to bring these products to retail.

“We’re thrilled to be working with such a fine group of companies,� states TSI Distributing president Lance Wascom. “These are all problem-solving products that are innovative and tour-proven. We’re especially happy to help bring 3RD Power amps to the market. Their ability to produce killer tone at any volume promises to revolutionize the guitar world.�

With headquarters in Nashville, TSI Distributing is headed by Lance Wascom and Larry Martin of Tour

Supply, along with Jamie Scott, president and founder of

3RD Power Amplification. A pro audio industry veteran (X2, Sennheiser and Line 6), Scott designed both the amplifier and speaker technologies that comprise the 3RD Power HLH100 amplifier.

TSI Distributing has already established a growing national rep network to represent these brands at retail. Recent appointees include John B. Anthony Company in New York; Audio Associates for the mid-Atlantic region, Bormann Associates in the Midwest and AMP Sales in the Rockies and southern California.

TSI Distributing – Product Roster

3RD Power Amplification offers the HLH100 guitar amp system, featuring patent-applied-for technology and design throughout. The HD100 tube head features point-to-point wiring throughout, and delivers the same multi-dimensional distortion sound at any volume setting. The companion 312 speaker cabinets are unique both visually and sonically. With no parallel surfaces, the 312 eliminates the standing waves and phase smear associated with traditional 4×12 cabinet designs. All 3RD Power components are hand-wired and made in the U.S.

G-LAB is a European company best known for its innovative Wowee Wah series of touch-sensitive, true-bypass wah pedals, designed to provide exceptional control while eliminating the need for on/off switch to engage the effect. G-LAB, short for Guitar Laboratory, also offers range of the floor and rack-mount effects, including guitar system controllers, MIDI control devices, delay, reverb, vintage overdrive and power supply.

Palmer is a maker of both pro audio and guitar-specific products. Its speaker simulation boxes like the PDI-03 accept the speaker output from the amplifier while providing the proper load, enabling silent recording. Palmer DI boxes, with variations designed to excel in any stage scenario, have become an industry standard in tour sound. Palmer also offers a wide range of pro audio tools including stage boxes, audio distribution amps and utility mixers and splitters.

Microphome is a unique sanitizing cleaning foam for microphones that kills germs and eliminates odors. One squirt of this fast-drying, residue-free foam spread onto the mic grille helps protect musicians from the health hazards of shared microphones in one easy step, eliminating the need to disassemble microphones in order to clean them. Old mics can be renewed to their former glory with the Mic Cleaning Kit, designed to remove the debris that accumulates on mic grilles over years of usage.

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