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LAS VEGAS, NV, NOVEMBER 17, 2009 – When pop/electro band Ultraviolet Sound, also known as UVS, was named the 2007 winner of Amplify, Las Vegas’ battle of the bands, one of the prizes for the first-place win was studio time at nearby Odds On Records & Studios.  After just one session at the studio, the band was sold and consistently returned to the studio each time it was in town.  In fact, when Odds On Records & Studios announced the launch of its independent recording label, Ultraviolet Sound was one of the first groups to sign on.
“Odds On has a ton of amazing gear,� says Sami D (keyboards and synths for UVS).  “The studio has everything from vintage mics and mic pre’s to outboard gear. In my opinion, that’s their number one benefit ― that it has any piece of gear you would want to

use.  Besides the gear, the studio has just a really great atmosphere overall.  It’s a laid back feel and the team is really hands on and helpful whenever we need something.  Making a record there has been an awesome experience.�
Ultraviolet Sound, which consists of Sarah Hudson (lead vocals), Sami D and B-rad (bass, guitar and talk box), is currently recording, tracking and mixing its next full-length, self-titled album at the studio and is set to release its sophomore effort in Spring 2010.

While the band is producing, writing and engineering the project itself, it’s also working closely with the staff at Odds On and utilizing every single room the studio has to offer.  The band started out in the SSL Matrix room (Studio C) doing a lot of writing and pre-production and then went into its SSL Duality room (Studio A) to do some tracking.  However, the band’s personal favorite is the SSL 9K room (Studio B) because the members are more familiar with the console.
“Since we are producing and engineering a lot of the tracks ourselves, it is just easier for us to use a console that we already know,� continues Sami D.  �It’s great that the studio has the different options there.  For us, we’re hands on, so the 9K room just makes sense.  We know the console so we are able to just jump in and make it sound great. Regarding mics, we’ve pretty much utilized all of the studio’s mics; everything we’ve recorded has been through pristine microphones.�

“Odds On stands up to the finest studios in terms of staff and equipment, everything translates really well when we leave the studio; it doesn’t just sound amazing when you’re in the room it sounds great when you leave it, which is  important,� continues Sami D.  “On the hospitality side ― the lounges and kitchen are great, the fridge is always fully stocked; it’s the little things that make a record fun to create, especially when you can just take a break and play Rocky and Bullwinkle pinball!�
Ultraviolet Sound recently performed to a full-capacity audience at Webster Hall in New York City during Fashion Week for the New York Couture clothing line.  The band also performed at both Bamboozle Music Festival’s (east and west) this past summer.  The band has also played at Club Prive in Las Vegas with Lady Gaga, as well as a unique performance in New York City with Katy Perry for celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton.

About Odds On Records & Studios

Located an arm’s length from the Las Vegas  strip, Odds On Records & Studios is a $7 million multi-faceted recording facility that combines vintage flair with state-of-the-art technology. The recording studio houses the largest mixing console in North America, a 96-input SSL Duality, as well as such classic industry gear as restored AKG, Gefell and Neumann tube microphones.   Odds On Records & Studios has hosted several A-list artists including Alicia Keys, Air Supply, Ultraviolet Sound, and up and coming Australian group, Blue King Brown.  Odds On Records & Studios delivers an array of recording services under one umbrella, including its own record label.   For more information about the Odds On Records & Studios, visit