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Umphrey’s McGee Picks TELEFUNKEN For Touring

Variety of Dynamic Mics for Vocals and Drums

Pictured (L-R) are Umphrey's McGee FOH mixer Chris Mitchell, drummer and vocalist Kris Meyers, and monitor engineer Bob Ston.

Popular rock band Umphrey’s McGee are touring with a wide assortment of TELEFUNKEN dynamic microphones for vocals and drums. “Keeping the drum kit out of a drummer’s vocal mic is difficult.,” says FOH mixer Chris Mitchell. “The M81-SH offers great rejection while still sounding natural and strong.”

Originally from South Bend, Indiana, the music of Umphrey’s McGee is often referred to as progressive improvisation or “Improg”. Although the band is part of the jam band scene, with ever-changing setlists, improvisation, two sets per night, and open taping policy, they are strongly influenced musically by progressive bands such as King Crimson, Yes, and Pink Floyd.

Chris Mitchell elaborates on the TELEFUNKEN dynamic drum mics: M80-SH on top of the snare, M81-SH below snare, two M81-SH’s on rack toms, and M81-SH for Kris Meyers’ vocal. “The M81-SH & M80-SH can withstand direct stick hits while providing great isolation between toms and snares,” Mitchell adds. “The impact of the drum stick translates without overloading the capsule. Great dynamics.”

The band experiments with many musical genres, including funk, jazz, blues, metal, electronic, bluegrass, and whatever else may feel appropriate on a given night. Umphrey’s McGee will release their new album, “Similar Skin”, on June 10th. The record marks the first release on their new in-house label Nothing Too Fancy Music and much like the live show, use of the M-80 is sprinkled throughout.

“When used as a vocal mic, the M80 & M81 maintain great pattern control while sounding natural off axis,” explains Mitchell. “Whenever we have a guest vocalist, I pull out one of our M80’s. Always tons of gain before feedback and not much EQ needed.”

On the heels of their 8th performance at Bonnaroo, June 12-15, Umphrey’s McGee returns to the United Kingdom for the first time in four years, performing three nights at Brooklyn Bowl London on June 19, 20, and 21, at the newly opened outpost of the renowned New York venue, located at The O2 on Peninsula Square.

See Umphrey’s McGee: “Plunger” Live from the Tabernacle on Youtube:

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