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Mobile, AL – September 2008 … The University of Mobile’s Center for Performing Arts is home to more than 200 music majors and minors who are engaged in a wide variety of programs. Course offerings include vocal and instrumental performance, music education, theatre, church music and worship, as well as music business, audio, and recording. Encompassing greater than twenty performing ensembles, the University of Mobile presents more than 400 concerts and other performances each academic year. With such a varied and ambitious schedule, wireless microphone technology assumes a very important role. When the venerable institution recently decided it was time to expand their wireless arsenal, they chose the latest technology from MIPRO—distributed in North America by Avlex Corporation.

According to Alan W. Miller, PhD, who serves as the Associate Dean of the Center for Performing Arts and also directs several of the University’s vocal ensembles, the ability to house a significant number of wireless channels in the minimum amount of rackspace was a primary concern during their search for wireless systems. “The Primary use for the system is amplification for a 12-voice theatrical/dance/musical group called the Sounds of Mobile,� said Miller. “This group performs in schools, churches and for civic events and has also performed on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean each year—traveling throughout Greece, Italy, and Turkey. Hence, having a system that could travel well was very important.�

“We needed a wireless microphone/receiver system that was lightweight and occupied as few rackspaces as possible,� continued Miller. “We were also very concerned about having a system that offered an intuitive process for locating and assigning open frequencies, as you never know what type of RF environment you’re walking into. Further, strong battery performance was considered essential, as was the product’s durability.�

After a protracted search, the University of Mobile selected several products from the MIPRO catalog, including three MIPRO ACT-707F 1RU mainframes—each stocked with four ACT-707MC receiver modules. This arrangement provides 12 wireless channels in a very unassuming three rackspaces. For greater efficiency and a more streamlined system, MIPRO’s AD-707 antenna divider is incorporated for the purpose of minimizing antenna clutter. Transmitters include twelve ACT-707HM handlheld wireless microphones. All equipment was purchased through DB Acoustics and Sound of Gainesville, GA.

At this point, the University of Mobile has one year’s worth of experience with the new system and Miller is most enthusiastic about the equipment’s performance. “Our MIPRO system was very easy to rack and use,� states Miller. “The ACT-707 HM microphone transmitters have very good, flat response and they provide exceptional gain before feedback, which enables us to easily achieve the levels we need. We’ve been very impressed with the compact, lightweight design of the system and battery performance has been exceptional. By comparison, we go through boat loads of 1.5 volt batteries with our other systems.�

As the University of Mobile’s MIPRO wireless equipment has proven very easy to operate, they’ve yet to require technical assistance. However, that did not deter Miller from complimenting the Avlex team for their top-notch customer service. “I must admit,� says Miller, “that during our initial search for new wireless gear, I was leery of using any equipment other than the same brand mic/receiver system that we use for our other groups. Mike Hedden of DB Acoustics encouraged us to try out the MIPRO equipment, so we agreed. We arranged for an evaluation system and Avlex Corporation responded promptly and shipped us a system in no time at all. They were extremely responsive and helpful throughout our testing.�

Before turning his attention to other matters, Miller offered this final thought, “I’ve been very pleased with our new equipment. Our MIPRO wireless system sounds terrific, it’s durable, and I never cease to be impressed with how little rackspace our 12-channel system occupies. I’m confident this was the right decision.�

For further information about the University of Mobile, visit the university online at For additional information about DB Acoustics and Sound, contact the company at 770-534-7620.

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