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USA Distribution Announced for Amadeus ‘Philharmonia’ Speakers Co-designed by Jean Nouvel

French speaker designer Amadeus chooses Source Systems, Ltd. as its US distributor for the HI-FI market for new speakers co-designed by world-renowned architect Jean Nouvel

Paris, FranceDecember 21, 2015 – California-based Source Systems, Ltd. has been named the US distributor for the newly released AmadeusPhilharmonia‘ speakers. Source Systems will focus on the Hi-Fi marketplace. Amadeus, the French ‘Pro Audio’ manufacturer who is known for live, installed and custom studio sound reinforcement systems, chose Source Systems to enter the US Hi-Fi market because of their high-end audio solution expertise and experience. The Philharmonia speaker is a 2-way high definition monitoring system that combines 35 years of innovation and technology creation at Amadeus with a modern ‘architectural’ style, and a pristine sonic character. The Philharmonia speakers retail in the US for $39,900 per pair. Source Systems expects speakers to be available in the US for sale, and demonstrations in California, by early February, 2016.

Gaetan BYK, Marketing Manager at Amadeus, said, “We had the pleasure to encounter Mark Gurvey of Source Systems at the Munich High End Society trade show where we showed-off the new Philharmonia speakers. We met through a mutual friend, François Gourdain, who distributes Philharmonia both in France and Benelux, among other prestigious brands such as VPI Industries, Pixel Magic Lumin, and Esoteric. Mark’s expertise in the high-end consumer electronics market, earned at many prestigious Hi-Fi companies, his people-oriented attitude, and his immediate understanding of the Philharmonia philosophy and positioning, convinced all of us at Amadeus that he was the right choice for breaking into the US market.”

The new 2-way, bi-amped Philharmonia speakers were initially created specifically for the Philharmonie de Paris recording and mastering studios, which were built to record performances in the new concert hall space. The speakers were co-designed by Michel DELUC, Amadeus’ Director of Research & Development, along with world-renown architect Jean NOUVEL (who designed the new Philharmonie de Paris concert hall.); Jean NOUVEL stated, “I am not a designer. I am an architect who makes design.”

Mark GURVEY, CEO of Source Systems, Ltd., added, “Amadeus brings a fresh, unique and innovative approach to high-end audio engineering and design, with the Philharmonia speakers, both in sound and style. The speakers fit a key aspect of the very highest end audio components, they are absolutely unique looking and yet so modern and beautiful. It will be very exciting to see and hear the reactions of listeners in the US. The Philharmonia has an amazing sound; unlike anything we have experienced before. With such a unique origin of professional and evolutionary audio expertise, we expect to ‘Wow!’ a lot of ears.”

To arrange a demo of the Philharmonia speakers or for other information please contact California-based Source Systems, Ltd at (949)-369-7729 or visit their website:

For information on the Philharmonia speakers and their story of creation, visit:

About Jean Nouvel
The architect Jean Nouvel has won many top awards for his work including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the Institut du Monde Arabe (1989); the Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (2001); the Wolf Prize in Arts (2005); and the Pritzker Prize (2008). A selected list of his works include the Arab World Institute, Paris; Lyon Opera House; Cartier Foundation, Paris; Lucerne Culture and Congress Center; Dentsu Tower, Tokyo; Museum of Archaeology, Périgueux; Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, and the recently opened “Philharmonie de Paris” where Amadeus worked with the renowned architect on the Company’s newest speakers, the Philharmonia.

About Amadeus
Amadeus develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of high-end sound reinforcement loudspeakers, studio monitors and various signal processing interfaces that combine its own custom innovative technology with stylish design, for the professional audio industry. Created in 1992 from the collaboration between the French designer Bernard BYK and the scientist and musician Michel DELUC, the Amadeus brand has grown to become a leading supplier of high-end audio solutions and services for theaters, opera houses, museums, recording studios, research centers and touring concert sound rental operations. All development and product manufacturing is centralized in Amadeus headquarters in France, with field offices and authorized distributors located in Europe, Asia and UAE.

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