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Vintage King Audio Intros Guitars, Amps and Pedals Division

Hand-Picked Selection for Guitar-Tone Fanatics

Pictured in a frame from the video introduction of Vintage King's new division for guitar-tone fanatics are (L-R) Tom Menrath, Vintage King's Head of Strategic Development and guitar-tone guru Peter Thorn.

Vintage King Audio, the world’s premier retailer of new and vintage recording equipment has added a hand-picked selection of gear aimed toward the guitar-tone fanatics of the world. The newly available assortment of pedals, amplifiers, and guitars were pulled together from some of the finest boutique builders and the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry.

Watch Vintage King & Pete Thorn Intro Video:

VK spent the better part of the past year testing and evaluating everything in the collection for standout tone quality and road-worthy construction. Each piece was passed around to the company’s cadre of top pro and weekend warrior players to obtain their individual seals of approval.

Victors from the scrupulous inspection period include offerings from Wizard Amplification and Spontaneous Audio’s Son of Kong. Other notable brands include pedals by ThroBak Electronics, Strymon, Caroline Guitar Co, AbovegroundFX, and Crazy Tube Circuits as well as amplifiers from 3rd Power, Divided by 13, and Chandler Limited. Vintage King also now carries hand-crafted guitars by Echopark Guitars and Rock ‘n’ Roll Relics.

“Most of our staff either play guitar, record guitar, or help artists get the best performances possible in the studio. We feel it’s a natural extension of what we do to offer a select group of guitars, amps, and pedals that we believe are among the very best available,” says Tom Menrath, Vintage King’s Head of Strategic Development. “Our clients trust us to only offer products we can personally vouch for-gear that we’ve used ourselves on stage or in the studio. A great deal of listening, comparing, and gigging went into the selection of the guitars, amps and pedals we’re now offering. We think you’ll find some pleasant surprises.”

VK also tapped studio and touring musician, and prolific YouTube guitar guru, Pete Thorn, to create exclusive video content around many of the new offerings.

“Pete has a rabid, devoted online following and many of us at Vintage King were already huge fans. His genuine love for the gear, indisputable playing chops, and easygoing personality made him a no-brainer for us to partner up with,” remarked Jason Van Doorn, Vintage King’s Marketing Director.

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