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Vintage King Audio Rocks LA With New Showroom & Demo Studios

VKLA Gives Studio Pros Private Sunset Blvd. Boutique Gear Showcase

Pictured at Vintage King’s new VKLA headquarters are (L-R) Producer/engineer Ryan Hewitt; Jeffrey Ehrenberg, West Coast Sales Manager; Tom Menrath, Strategic Development; and Shevy Shovlin, Director of Partner Marketing/PR. Photo by David Goggin.

Vintage King Audio, the world’s leader in sales of high-end boutique and vintage recording equipment, has opened VKLA, a private Los Angeles showroom and demo studio on Sunset Blvd., to better serve pro audio professionals in the heart of the world’s biggest recording market.

Industry vet Tom Menrath, recently named head of VK’s Strategic Development, remarked, “We’re extremely proud of VKLA and eager to give our clients access to this extraordinary facility. VKLA provides an unprecedented opportunity to compare the finest gear in the world in a proper recording studio environment. Visits to the facility will be arranged by appointment, so each customer will get a personalized listening experience.”

Vintage King Los Angeles (VKLA) is displaying a variety of classic and current gear in the state-of-art facility, including eight analog and digital consoles, twenty pairs of monitors, fifty microphones, and dozens of preamplifiers and outboard processors. Clients can test out nearly a dozen newer consoles such as the API 1608 and the SSL 948, as well as boutique gear from Barefoot Sound, Shadow Hills Industries, Neve, Dangerous Music, Burl, Telefunken, and other top industry brands.

“Our VKLA headquarters is really a new way of giving the customer the most enjoyable buying experience,” explained Shevy Shovlin, Director of Partner Marketing/PR. “We wanted VKLA to be musical, a place that working artists could appreciate. Our long-term goal is to create a real cultural center for the recording scene here in LA.”

Jeffrey Ehrenberg, West Coast Sales Manager, explained, “We have a curated roster of the world’s best recording equipment, all live and ‘on the air.’ Guests are welcome to listen to our program material or bring their own. Playback can be either from a DAW, such as Pro Tools or Logic, or from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Our optimized iPod docks output digitally via AES, then go to professional-grade DA converters, such as Lavry, Burl, Weiss, and others. From there, custom-made distribution amps send the signal through every piece of equipment on display simultaneously. This is a home run, a first for the audio industry.”

VKLA goes beyond the familiar functions of a sales dealership by connecting with the professional audio community through hosting events, panel discussions, and product launches. Plans are in place for a series of educational workshops where seasoned pros will share their knowledge with a new generation of music makers.

Also located at 1176 W. Sunset is Infrasonic Mastering, a vinyl mastering facility equipped with three studios and a one-of-a kind vinyl cutting room, run by respected recording and mastering engineer Pete Lyman and GRAMMY Award winning mastering engineer John Greenham, who joined Infrasonic earlier this year. To learn more about VKLA, visit:

Vintage King Audio is the world’s largest retailer of high-end new and vintage recording equipment, with a dedicated restoration center for servicing and preserving classic gear. The company’s product lines range from iconic collectibles to exciting new boutique products, including gear from such respected brands as Avid, Barefoot Sound, Shadow Hills Industries, Neve, Inward Connections, Helios, and ProAc. Through an experienced staff of engineers and seasoned musicians, Vintage King Audio provides the passion, know-how, and resources necessary to help clients make the most informed purchase possible. Vintage King customers can take advantage of free consultations all the way through to customized on-site turnkey installations, with a free warranty and lifetime support adding value to all work and products. While the company has maintained this customer-focused approach since its founding in the early 1990s, Vintage King surpasses the basic functions of an audio dealership, connecting with the professional audio community through holding events, panel discussions, and national product launches.

For more information, visit: