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Vintage King Video Features Universal Audio’s Bill Putnam Jr.

Latest Installment of the "Make Your Mark" Series

Ferndale, MI, December 2016 – Vintage King’s latest installment in the “Make Your Mark” series features Bill Putnam Jr., co-founder of the new Universal Audio, which was originally founded by his father in the 1950s. “This series is about the different paths and experiences that make us want to spend our lives making music and recording,” explained Brian Berryman, Vintage King Marketing & Brand Manager.

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By the time Bill Putnam Jr. was a toddler, his legendary father, Bill Putnam Sr., had begun focusing on creating the legendary gear that would become the foundations of Universal Audio. He would go on to create some of the most significant studio innovations of the modern era, including the LA-2A, 1176 and the 610 tube recording console.

In the new video, Putnam Jr. talks about his father’s legacy, his first job matching transistors and how his love of technology led him to relaunch Universal Audio. He also discusses his struggle to perfect analog gear and the philosophy behind emulating classic pieces of studio equipment in plug-in form. Since reviving Universal Audio with his brother in 1999, he has dedicated the company to further the idea that analog and digital can not only co-exist in the studio setting, but also complement each other to make sound even better.


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