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“The AWS is a first-rate, solid product that works in every way we need it to work”

NEW YORK – Completely rebuilding an existing space in New York’s Tribeca area of Manhattan, Volant Studios has installed a Solid State Logic AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller to drive audio for the facility into the future. Looking to offer the very best platform for two-inch tape and DAW capture, SSL’s reputation for quality was a major factor in the choice for this beautiful Horacio Malvicino designed space. The AWS 948 provides the perfect sonic platform for clients looking for SSL’s signature SuperAnalogueTM sound quality. To meet contemporary production demands, it also offers an advanced integrated DAW controller for Volant’s Pro Tools® and Logic systems.

“The thing I wanted most for the studio was versatility and the AWS delivers,” says Brian Donnelly, owner, Volant Studios. “SSL is most famous for pop and hip-hop applications and is associated with countless hits around the world. It has a big, clean, professional sound. In addition, since the AWS is both a full-featured analog console and an excellent DAW controller, clients have the fullest spectrum of options with respect to workflow and signal flow. Sonically, we offer clients an extensive collection of outboard gear and tape with an Endless Analog CLASP24 system as options. The AWS integrates seamlessly, and is so pure in its sound that every nuance is accurately captured. With the AWS, we have set a very high benchmark for our clients and they love the results.”

The A Room, as the first studio in the complex is known, will eventually be joined by three other rooms on another floor to provide services encompassing music recording, music production and post-production for video and film. The beginning point for this venture is with the AWS and the SSL connection is already drawing in clients.

“Artists love being in front of a console because it makes the creative experience real and professional,” says Angelo Vasquez, head engineer/operations manager for Volant Studios. “The name SSL speaks volumes to potential clients as representing the best quality available, no matter what music they are creating. The AWS lets them know they are in a top-notch facility. People are comfortable sitting at this board because they know they will get the results they need to make a project work. The AWS definitely helps to sell the room.”

Beyond the solid design and benchmark sound quality, SSL as a company has been a pleasure to work with, according to Donnelly.

“The experience with SSL has been great,” continues Donnelly. “I can’t imagine getting better service. I think the fact that so many people are SSL customers is a testament to that level of service. The AWS is a first-rate, solid product that works in every way we need it to work.”

Echoing this sentiment, Vasquez adds, “The functionality is the best in the industry. The analogue components, recall and DAW interface are advanced, reliable and work together extremely well. You can’t ask for more. We also love working with SSL in terms of service. They are there for us immediately and on point sorting out any questions we might have.”

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