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VUE Audiotechnik Establishes VUE China

ZHEJIANG, CHINA – VUE Audiotechnik is pleased to announce it has established a new company servicing mainland China, VUE Audiotechnik China (officially VUE Shanghai LTD, now referred to as VUE China). The VUE subsidiary, located in Zhejiang in the Jiashan County, joins the growing list of VUE Audiotechnik companies, including VUE Audiotechnik LLC in the United States and VUE Audiotechnik Europa GmbH in Germany.

VUE Audiotechnik China will offer the entire complement of VUE products, from their smallest i-Class contractor series, to the premium powered h-Class loudspeakers and al-Class line array systems, including their proprietary V Series Systems Engines. It will also provide technical support for all integrated systems, as well as touring and portable systems, and plans to add project-design and commissioning services, along with operational training to its near future repertoire.

“From the start, VUE Audiotechnik was conceived as a truly international-based company, with engineering and manufacturing resources in the U.S., Germany and China,” says Ken Berger, CEO of VUE Audiotechnik. “Last year we added VUE Europa GmbH, a dedicated company that serves the European Market. Owing to our goal to be a worldwide force, opening VUE China is the next logical step. We’re investing to become a leader in China, the fastest growing market in the world, which will soon be the single largest consumer market.”

VUE has appointed Global Market Management’s Alex Schloesser as Managing Director of the new subsidiary.  He will spearhead the development and staff training, until the company is fully self-reliant under its own brand manager. Global Market Management is also managing VUE’s Asia Pacific business development in establishing new distribution channels and bringing in new direct business.

“I’m truly looking forward to getting VUE Audiotechnik China up and running,” says Schloesser. “It’s an exciting challenge to build a company from the ground up, and I am confident that this newest addition to the VUE company portfolio will achieve unlimited success in China. VUE’s products, with their excellent sound quality, fidelity and value, speak for themselves; establishing an independent subsidiary will considerably ease the process of introducing them to the Chinese market.”

VUE is currently staffing the office with management, sales and technical support team members; this includes the recent appointment of Tiffany Jin, as sales assistant. VUE encourages residents of China interested being a part of building VUE China to inquire about opportunities. These can be addressed to: VUE Audiotechnik China (Shanghai LTD), No. 8 Development Road Huimin, Jiashan County, Zhejiang 314112, P.R. China; or by email to [email protected] or [email protected].

About VUE Audiotechnik

With an unflinching focus on innovation through technology and a firm commitment to relationships, the VUE Audiotechnik team united in 2012. With more than a century of combined experience, VUE’s founders have been at the epicenter of many of professional audio’s most noted success stories. From visionary loudspeaker designs that set the tone for our industry today, to the development of the giants in modern sound reinforcement, the team’s work has been felt and heard throughout the spectrum of professional audio. Since inception, VUE has experienced immediate acceptance and unparalleled growth. Though a relatively new addition to the lineup of professional audio loudspeaker manufacturers, VUE is already recognized as a leader in innovation. Explore our success stories at