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VUE Audiotechnik Expands Presence in Mexico by Appointing DOR Internacional S.A. de C.V as Distributor

ZAPOPAN, MEXICO, MARCH 31, 2016 DOR Internacional S.A. de C.V., based in Jalisco with offices in Mexico City, has been appointed the new exclusive Mexican distributor of VUE Audiotechnik. The distributorship was announced at the recent sound:check Xpo tradeshow, where DOR added VUE’s presence to its exhibit portfolio. DOR is responding to the enormous interest VUE garnered at the expo by holding an immersive open-house demo in May, providing an immediate chance for people to hear VUE systems in a real world environment.

“Jerry Colmenero, VUE’s business development manager, presented the product to us and after some market research, we felt that VUE met the high standards our customers expect. We premiered the VUE line at sound:check Xpo here in Mexico City and the response was greater than we ever expected, all incredibly positive,” explains Franz Tiessen, recently named VUE brand manager at DOR.

Tiessen has been tasked with the hiring of technical support staff that will be trained by VUE Audiotechnik technicians and establishing technical design, support and service departments in Mexico. This staff will make an initial sales push with existing clientele in permanent installation, live and club markets. VUE is expected to gain market shares rapidly: “It is the best alternative, in fact the superior alternative, to brands commonly used in Mexico and as VUE’s new distributor we can assure you that Mexico will know and love VUE,” Tiessen remarks.

The upcoming open house demo in a 300 seat theatre will be an immersive AV experience for its customers, as it will feature all of VUE’s high-end lines including Scalable al-Class Line Array Systems and High Definition h-Class powered loudspeaker systems at the heart of the event, but also a selection of its product lines covering video, LED walls, power distros, CM Lodestar hoists and its own well-known and locally manufactured “American Cable Company” brand of cabling solutions. Attendees from all sectors of the AV industry, such as cinema, luxury entertainment, stadia, integrators and sound companies, have already confirmed attendance.

Jacques Dornbierer founded DOR Internacional in 1993, first establishing it as an MI company, but adjusting its focus into the professional market in 1997 with a concentration in cinema, video, audio and rigging. Soon after, Dornbierer brought in one of his closest friends, Franz Tiessen, to take a position as sales manager. In 2004, DOR became the first company in Mexico to offer professional digital projectors and created a new department dedicated to the rentals of professional large-scale projection followed by the addition of a specialized team in installing screens. They are also responsible for having introduced some of the industry’s most respected audio brands to the Mexican market.

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To contact VUE business development, Jerry Colmenero about the open house demo, please email: [email protected]

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