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WATCH THIS: Producer/Engineer Vance Powell Demonstrates Acoustic Guitar Miking Technique with BAE 1073 Dual Channel Mic Pre

Nashville, TN, March 23, 2020 –Vance Powell has become the producer/engineer of choice for an enviable portfolio of artists from all corners of Americana, from the rootsy singer-songwriter stylings of artists like Chris Stapleton and Randy Newman to high-energy rockers like Jack White, The Stray Cats, and Illiterate Light. Operating out of his Nashville studio Sputnik Sound, the six-time Grammy Award winner is known for his uncanny ability to capture the subtle nuances of human performance through his signature production style and attention to detail. A key part of his sound has been his use of BAE 1073 preamps to capture these performances with warmth, personality, and detail.

In an exclusive video for BAE, Powell explains his method for the ultimate studio acoustic guitar sound, which he achieves with a carefully placed XY stereo pair of microphones, a stereo compressor, and the BAE 1073MP Dual Channel Mic Pre. “Acoustic guitar can be a complicated instrument to mike up,” he explained. “but with the BAE 1073 I’m capturing the natural warmth and movement of the instrument that can make or break a track.

“I can never have enough of these.”

Powell’s aural fixation with the BAE 1073 preamp began six years ago when he was first setting up Sputnik Sound and acquired several of the preamps from BAE. They quickly became his go-to preamps for vocal and guitar sounds for their warmth and three-dimensional quality.  “It’s such a familiar sound that you’ve heard on so many classic records,” explained Powell. “For me I can never have enough of these, because I always want to use them on everything.”

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