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We include this because it was an aberration,7

: Brown missed a season, the first 28 years, Season between quarterback Otto Graham and Jim retired defender Brown rookie season. Brown at home, 1-5 and 4-2 road.1957-1962The last six seasons of legendary coach Paul Brown, Brown annually as competitors, but that is only a Championship game, lost (1957). Your City stadium 01.12.25; 12/03/23 on the road. They lost a championship game and The divisional playoff road.Associated PressFrank and Gary Ryan Collins – Brown difficult player to play at home – Connect a touchdown pass and elsewhere in the 1960s, Cleveland Stadium.1963: 1969The Brown, in recent years, His real height -11 to 2 36-1 home 33-16 on the road. at home In the playoffs, are 2-1, including their last NFL championship Fight in 1964. In road playoff games, they are 1-3. We are approaching 40th anniversary. December 28, 1969, Brown routing Dallas Cowboys 38-14 in the championship game of the Eastern Conference. This is the last time that Brown won a playoff game 73The road.1970 Using borrowed was a long, glorious began, the team Begin. Brown is in the house, 10.01.17 and 01.11.16 on the road. At home, they are 0-1 in the playoffs 0-1 road.1974 84With Team terrible, but not great, Brown 43-37 (The difference in the number of home games and 30-51 on the NFL Von Miller Jersey road, because Blocking shortened season in 1982). His home in the playoffs 0-1 0-1 Game road.1985 89In a brief recovery, Brown 01/11/27 22-18 to leave home. They do all five of the playoffs last season, In the playoffs at home by 3-2 and 0-3 95Mostly road.1990 Mediocre, Brown 22 to 26 days at home and on the road 17-31. manufacture In the 1994 playoffs, won playoffs family, loss of a couple Cleveland Municipal Stadium NFL Peyton Manning Jersey road.Overall: (AAFC) 226 – 119-6 in regular season home road.13 6 house 195-151-7