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Weeds Season 8 DVD Boxset release date

As an Australian, I have to say… a lot of American viewing doesn’t do it for me at all, with a few notable exceptions (The West Wing, NCIS, 24)and now Weeds season 8 dvd on sale. I have to say, when they get it right, they nail it with style! Interestingly, Mary Louise Parker had a significant role in the west wing and I’m looking forward to more cameos of west wing talent such as Allison Janey playing the hippie pro-pot legal adviser… tooooo funny! It’s been said before, let me say it again in my own way… the weed is a backdrop to life on the edge. The revealing thing is that life in upper middle class suburbia meets the edge at all… the weed provides the base-line,the backdrop more than the substance… the plots are real, gritty, sometimes even pithy but never.. no not ever handled blandly, never treated blithely, not even once did I see the carbon copy generic characters I have come to despise American TV for… I love this show, I hope it gets a great run like West Wing did …I still mourn the loss of that show.

The plot is inventive and exciting as it isn’t completely realistic yet it isn’t too out there. The balance and pace is perfect.

Although the first two or three seasons really captivated me, I felt it lost some momentum until the awesome season 6, but that’s because I wasn’t warned. I am warning you all that the plot drastically changes from time to time, something I didn’t expect so I wasn’t able to fully comprehend.

This source: is sublime, it’s definitely up there with Breaking Bad. I enjoy Weeds because of the humor and the short but entertaining episodes whereas I enjoy Breaking Bad because of the drama and the length of their episodes. It’s sort of like two similar plots (drugs and money) but with drastically different execution.

Weeds is just Superb! So like real normal people, not the young bunch of kids that just don’t have a clue! I know what it is like being a single mother. She was set up w/the right means to pull this off. She is brilliant. Also a little unlucky when it comes to some of the people she has in her life. The first time we saw this (1st season) we were hooked, it made us laugh so hard and cry too. It is very entertaining to watch some of the quirks she gets herself into. Just so real life junk and crazy stuff that happens to real life people everyday. We just love this show & hope it continues wveral More concessions in Cheap DVD not just a couple like the Dead Like Me series. That was a bummer. We could watch this every night. I wish it was an hour long.