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What Are The Most Popular Tissot Watches This Christmas

2010 has been a big year for Tissot, the extension of their contracts with some of the sports world??s biggest names has elevated the brand recognition of Tissot, and has cemented its new market position as a direct competitor with brands such as Tag Heuer and Oris watches. The strength of the brand has grown over the past 10 years, Tissot have added numerous new ranges this year to ensure that their new position as sports watch manufactures is not just a passing phase.This year one of the biggest hits has been the Tissot Courturier watch range, a brand new range of watches aimed directly at the mens watches market place. The new Tissot Courturier has a massive choice of dial configurations and movement types which makes the range a good place to start when looking for watches for men this year. Tissot have always been strong in their mens watch collection however the Tissot Courturier really is a step up by the Swiss watch brand, they have added a number of automatic watch movements to the Tissot Courturier range as well as adding the Valjoux movement which is traditionally found in the likes of Longines watches. This automatic movement has a smaller margin for error than the automatic movement found in the main automatic ranges found in the Tissot watch range however it does come at a price, and that price is nearly double that of the entry level automatic Courturier, but as they say you pay for quality and this watch really is quality. But to be honest all of these watches have been popular this year and they are definitely a great gift for Christmas.Tissot though haven??t forgotten about the ladies out there who love the Tissot brand and in fact this year has been a really big year for the ladies watches in the Tissot range. Tissot have added more ladies watches than ever before to the range, consumers have been crying out for Tissot to add ladies sports watches to the collection and in 2010 Tissot have finally obliged. Tissot have added the likes of the Veloci-T a bold statement chronograph range that has been strong in the mens market but now with the addition of rose gold plating and a white strap the watch is now one of their most popular ladies watches they have in their sports collections.Promotion time,you can have MasterCard pay the van cleef arpels watch within your affordable price. Tissot have also added a ladies version to the T-Touch collection with the new Sailing Touch which is a sleeker and more durable sports watch than any of the T-Touch before it.If though its something more gentile and classic that is required the Tissot Cocktail range of watches has been expanded this year and offer a wide variety of slim delicate ladies watches perfect for those women who like to be a understated and classical.Skillful manufacture Fake Pumps are more and more attracting many people’s attention.The expansion of the Tissot brand this year is a early warning to all of the prestige watch companies out their that Tissot are not just a flash in the pan in 2010 these watches are set to be around for years to come.Pay close attention to our Fake omega watch,you will become more and more fashion in the next time.