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What’s So Good About the Original GHD Hair Straighteners?

ghd Hair straighteners have been a staple of the beauty market for many years and they have under gone many changes and technological developments. As improvements are made women who style their own hair and hair stylists continue to upgrade their selection of hair styling tools including hair straighteners to keep up with the changing trends and technology.

The leader in hair straighteners, GHD, has a few models of hair straighteners that have rising above the competition for their great features and amazing results.

The original GHD straightener was introduced in 2000 and had revolutionary features. Before the introduction of GHD straighteners most models had aluminum plates and many of them used steam to straighten hair. The GHD straightener, however, worked in a new and more effective way.

GHD was the first company to use ceramic plates in their straighteners. Ceramic is the perfect material for hair straighteners because it conducts heat the most effectively and it allows the iron to slide through the hair without snagging. The use of ceramic was an innovation and has since been adopted by many other manufactures because it is the best material for the job.