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When every girl have been trained in the tightrope

Blake Mycoskie, an American designer, toms shoesthis four years, not only developed a style of shoes easy and super comfortable wearing feeling, the most important is also brought us TOMS shoes.Reportedly, the full of wit designers, at once to Argentina journey, discovered the local kids need to walk miles to find clean water or school, but no shoes to protect their feet, decided for the local people to do something. He to the Argentina local traditional cloth shoes get inspiration, founded the TOMS brand,toms sale which launched his famous ” one on one ” — i.e. a customer to buy a pair of shoes, he had to send a pair of shoes to a children need help. Now, out of shoes have been up to 1000000 pairs,toms espadrilles
and across the country, such as, Ethiopia,cheap toms, Honduras, rwanda.