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15 minutes later, they heard a shrill roar. Looked up, and she is a motorcycle. The car close to the sticker, the exhaust pipe is very thick, bike bits lad, carrying a beautiful girl dress zips, they are not wearing a helmet, the speed is about 70 yards.Within two hours after the motorcycle in front of me Total 5 speed very quickly, will Louis Vuitton Outlet Store be able to hear their "prestige" all the way.Supper stands placed side Yuhang the toro bus station boss said, this road Gesanchawu there are some people riding a motorcycle to motorcycle racing, mostly in groups, sometimes a few cars fast ride through a moment and then ride back, to and fro to play on two or three hours to go.

Yuhang Tong roadside Longines Crest residential security master street tenants often reflected the way to and fro motorcycle who fights sleep.1:00 more than yesterday, I was ready to leave, encountered a the Gongshu traffic police brigade patrol car. The police officers said that they will encounter in cheap louis vuitton the patrol these young people, most of them unlicensed unlicensed motorcycle riding too fast. They found one, we investigated a.

Hangzhou motorcycle enthusiasts "not a small-scaleProfessionals: http://www.louisvuittonoutletgoo.com/ pure crude exhaust pipe change the sound a dog in the mangerYesterday in Yuhang Tanglu supper stalls to buy supper, a young man claiming to have been "locomotive Party", he said the Hangzhou area ??, but still a lot of people like to play motorcycle, these "fans", according to the four cardinal points the film division Several organizations, and as a stronghold where patches of motorcycle repair shop. The motorcycle ran such Yuhangtang Road, mostly purchased from North Station, mark along the repair shop.

Some of them motorcycle when transport, some put riding a motorcycle as a hobby.A forum in Hangzhou, a forum called "locomotive life, very popular, activists and more discussion motorcycle driving and modified experienced enthusiasts because Hangzhou ??, there are some users will post to plmlv20121013 remind everyone to avoid open some of the traffic police often check road.These users, some people think that the motorcycle "bun iron, drag racing is not safe for others to himself. Others reluctantly said, can not afford to buy a car, they feel that public transport is not convenient, compared with the motorcycle is the most cost-efficient means of transport.

Interview with an automobile and motorcycle modification professionals, he said a lot of cars, motorcycles, loud roar of modified exhaust system. "The performance of the vehicle will be improved, but some riders change the car in order to change the sound very louis vuitton outlet loud, so both quarreling others, it means nothing."Reporter Jiang DaweiAt 15:43 on the October 10th, the users "zqq8211XX" on the 19th floor forum post: