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Win as a team , Loss as a team

Congratulations to the Jaguars defense group, the successful containment of the crow attack, let us understand that a lot of their own inadequacies.
Monday Night Game, I send text messages that we lose face in front of the National People’s friends in Baltimore.
Yeah, Yeah, really a shame.

Criticism of the offensive group has been on the very problematic. The game I most do not understand, Ray Rice, only 8 ball? Ray Rice (Ray Rice Jersey), is a Pro RB, there are only eight ball? The offensive coach Cam thinking?

The game most in doubt, should not be Joe (Joe Flacco ravens Jersey), the offensive group coach. Ray Rice, out of a ball, you almost do not give what chance. Maybe the playoffs last season against the Steelers the Fumble allow coaches to shadow. Ray Rice, is a Pro, the RB he is worthy of you give a chance. Jaguar RB in this treatment is completely different, a direct result of the victory of the jaguar. There are 74 film stars and less of holding.

Talk about, Joe, Joe played the game in my opinion, OK. Jaguars defense rarely left to chance Joe came very comfortable with the ball. Joe and Big characteristics similar to the ball a long time, must be extrinsic to take over the ball after ran out of neutral. Like a long pass out to take over the case is seen in prison, less ready to hand, fear of the INT. Jaguar is in fact a very successful anti-lived crow wide receiver Boldin get two (MLB before), Smith (Torrey Smith Jersey), a speed of (SS) by 2 (CB FS) to the attack, TE said In truth, Joe wants to spread the ball is really hard then.

Look at the crow’s wide receiver who Boldin, not the kind of very flexible and can be pulled out neutral wide receiver, Smith is the kind of (but I believe that in the near future will only depend on the speed of one-on-one forward, he will become angry birds Larry the team as wide receiver), the TE Dickson, along with Smith, the need to keep Joe running about. Crows may really need to sign Terrell Owens to share the burden of Boldin (Anquan Boldin Jersey). After all, Terrell (Terrell Suggs Jersey) experience and flexibility, remains strong. Otherwise, the biggest mistake this year, Crow is the loss of Derrick, Mason,

Defensive group. Ed Reed(ED Reed Jersey), you disappeared a long time. Do you really wake up. In fact, the best defense in general are at home, such as the jaguar.

Summarized under, Joe can not change, the non-QB injury-for-QB team, will be more bad play, the Raider, the Vikings are examples. Wide receiver, always can not find much help to people, last year’s wide receiver lineup called tough for Joe. After the game, before the opening of two Joe free rein to look for feel, just throw a long pass, mainly Ray, Rice, run-based, open the scene, reducing external to take over care. This crow is only a little less mean. Jaguars the win, in fact, relies entirely on the kicker and luck in the help-, Drew Jones, fumble three times, only one grab was the crow, is still the bottom line. . . Oh.

The next two games this year, the most critical field, ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. For jaguar end of the game, the squad accusations sound everywhere, it is affecting the morale of the home birds away to play the Steelers are the key can not be missed. If you missed the crow playoffs this year, will call into question, we are concerned about it. But personally feel that the playing birds and Steelers play a normal, then no problem. Wait and see.

Laugh at what the Cardinals play against crow
Of course, I predict that the crow win slightly, is expected to Boldin in the game will show its mettle, Joe will pass a lot of ball to Boldin, the other side, the Cardinals must guard on Boldin, resulting in Joe has a lot of neutral to Smith or Dickson,. Cardinals of the QB? Never heard of, should be simmering on a gas crow defense off the hook. Ed Reed, the out of color.

Good news is Ravens have the two good new guys one is Lardarius Webb Jersey another is Courtney upshaw Jersey

Finally, Ray Lewis(Ray Lewis Jersey), then at the end, Win as a team, lose as a team. Refueling! ! .