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COPENHAGEN JUNE 27, 2018 – As Danish pop singer MØ finishes her 2018 World Tour throughout the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom and mainland Europe, she brings fans to their feet while she dazzles them with her chart-topping pop hits. The edgy yet crystal-clear melodic tones that she produces are achieved with help from Wisycom, designer and builder of the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production. Selected by Jeppe Andersson, MØ’s monitor sound engineer and owner of Andersson Productions, the Wisycom setup achieved significant sound quality for the tour’s performers and crew alike.

For Andersson, Wisycom’s professional RF solution has been his go-to option for MØ’s performances since he began working with her in 2016. Having also provided services for large-scale summer festival tours, such as Coachella, Wisycom is regular element to Andersson’s setup, and he felt that it was a “no brainer” choice for MØ’s tour as well. Andersson relies on a wide array of Wisycom products, including the MTK952 and MRK960 Dual Transmitters, MTH400 Handheld Transmitter, MPR50-IEM Receivers, CSI16T Antenna Combiner and LNN1 UHF Passive Antenna.

Andersson chose each piece of Wisycom equipment to fulfill a specific need for the live shows, in order to cover everyone on stage, including the crew and special guest performers. “Our production is based around a multichannel audio digital interface as a digital standard for all connections and routings,” he says. “Every unit in our setup runs through MADI, the analogue in-/outputs, our front of house mixer and our instrumental setup. These MADI streams are then collected and distributed out of our MADI router, making it the production’s routing backbone. Our setup is powerful, compact and always gives us an enormous amount of flexibility.”

Wisycom has proven to maintain reliable coverage connection throughout MØ’s entire show. When Andersson first joined MØ’s tour, he noted her active and spontaneous performance style. “Stage diving, walking out during a song to meet her audience, or making her way to a venue’s second or third floor balconies are a normality during MØ performances,” he explains. “I can rest assured that the systems and antennas are covering both her IEM and the vocal microphone wherever she decides to move around. The IEM system is remarkable in the way it manages to reproduce both rich bass, low-mids and a clear top-end, which can be hard to translate over RF. I enjoy the ability to bring flexibility for an artist to be spontaneous, creating a good live performance.”

In addition, Andersson found Wisycom’s high bandwidth delivery to be a key advantage. “I’ve toured with a variety of different brands that provide wireless systems support and many times I would have to swap equipment as the tour moved between different regions,” he continues. “I think it’s a common challenge for sound engineers who tour international to have to change up bits of the production, so everything fits within the local restrictions, or to even to be able to operate in a tiny RF area. With Wisycom, the option of operating on such a wide bandwidth is incredible. The products remain flexible compared to other wireless systems that would lose connection as soon as you leave the room. I’ve had both tour and production managers come up to me to share their experience with the products. They can walk around the entire venue, sitting in their office or standing by the dressing rooms, and still hear everything happening on stage.”

At the forefront of wireless sound product innovation, Andersson looks forward to using current and new Wisycom products for MØ as she continues to grow in popularity. “As we start to move into larger venues and bigger festival stages with other acts’ massive productions right next to ours, the risks of busy and crowded RF environments are high,” notes Andersson. “It’s super important to have high-quality equipment that I can rely on. We plan to continue touring all over the world. My goal is to create an optimal setting for shows that translates into great, unique, musical and personal experiences for both the artist and audiences.”

About Wisycom

Wisycom is a designer and builder of the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production, renowned for their durability, flexibility, reliability, practicality and cost-effective price points. Wisycom’s design process is driven by attention to detail, customer feedback and ultimate quality, from the selection of components to the manufacturing process, which takes place at the company’s Italian plants. The company prides itself on serving as a technical advisor and partner to every customer. From custom design to evaluation and dimensioning of systems, the Wisycom team stands by its customers through every step of the process. For more information, please visit