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Audio quality, dispersion characteristics, and easy rigging ideal for outdoor applications.

Greensboro, North Carolina… Each year, The Color Run and Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (ROC) races take place at multiple locations across the country. The Color Run is one of the most popular 5 km races in the world, and with more than 170 events in over 30 countries, it’s one of the biggest. The 5K Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge is the original, game-show-inspired obstacle race, featuring twelve larger-than-life obstacles, including the infamous Wrecking Ball. Beyond the obvious health benefits, these events are a lot of fun and promote comradery among the participants.

In addition to a variety of announcements, these races have music, instructions about the obstacles runners will encounter, and more. To ensure the best possible sound quality for key aspects of the race, the race employs loudspeakers by WorxAudio® Technologies, a division of PreSonus®.

Charlotte Stage and Sound, an event-production and A/V installation company in Concord, North Carolina, provides sound reinforcement for many of these races. “Both events are themed fun runs,” explains company CEO Tim Troutman. “For both races, we set up a ‘start chute’ of audio that provides audio coverage for participants before they begin the race. A DJ/emcee speaks to the crowd and warms them up. The ROC race has small-format audio systems all over the course to provide obstacle instructions and environmental music, while both events have an after-party area with a larger audio system. This is very critical for The Color Run, especially where we might have 10,000 or more people in a single setting, and we need to provide adequate coverage.”

For the after-party events, Troutman and his crew found success with WorxAudio XL5T-P line arrays. These all-in-one compact line arrays consist of five modules in a single enclosure. The XL5T-P utilizes dual 8-inch cone transducers with a large-format 1.4-inch compression driver in each module. Power is supplied by WorxAudio’s acclaimed PXD2580 power amp. The systems also utilize WorxAudio’s XL2T-P compact line array systems, which consist of two modules, each with a 1.4-inch compression driver and dual 8-inch cone transducers. Power is supplied by the company’s PXD8080 power amp.

For low-frequency support, Troutman deploys WorxAudio’s XQ10T-P sub-bass enclosures with quad 10-inch transducers. This subwoofer system is specifically designed for use with the XL5T-P line array. Troutman also uses WorxAudio’s TL218SST-P high SPL subwoofers with dual 18-inch transducers.

“A typical Color Run uses an XL5T-P paired with a XQ10T-P subwoofer or an XL2T-P long throw on each side of the stage,” explains Troutman. “Then, depending on the number of participants, we use three to four TL218SST-P subs under the stage. At either start chute, we use two to four XL2T-P long-throw enclosures on heavy-duty crank stands. We also typically use a single TL218SST-P at each start chute.

“The TrueLine XL enclosures are ideal for a variety of applications,” Troutman continues. “In addition to terrific audio performance, they have an incredible throw, and the 160-degree horizontal dispersion helps us cover large areas from a single source, without side fills or front fills. When the XL5s are paired with the XQ10s, they pack a punch that easily rivals other line arrays that cost considerably more. With the XL5s in a single, self-powered box, it’s easy to rig and easy to protect from the weather. However, it’s probably the TL218SST-P subs that earn us the most repeat business. With bottom end that you can really feel, they turn heads at every event we do.”

Emphasizes Troutman, “A happy customer is a repeat customer, and both races continue to hire us for many of their events. Both our clients and the crowds truly appreciate the noticeable quality difference in WorxAudio loudspeakers over and above other competing systems, and they’re willing to have us travel all over the East Coast and Midwest to get that same product over and over again. That’s why our investment in WorxAudio gear was worth every penny.”

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About WorxAudio Technologies

Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, WorxAudio Technologies is a division of PreSonus Audio Electronics. WorxAudio has been at the forefront of loudspeaker development for the pro touring and contractor markets for the over 30 years. With a comprehensive lineup of more than twenty loudspeaker models that feature integrated rigging hardware for streamlined installation and pack out, WorxAudio products can be found in prestigious facilities worldwide.

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