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Greensboro, NC – October 2009… WorxAudio Technologies, a leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems for the pro touring and install markets, proudly announces the introduction of the first few offerings in an expanding series of instructional high definition videos. Ideal for existing and prospective customers alike, the new videos are available online both the WorxAudio ( and YouTube ( websites and provide answers to commonly encountered questions regarding the use and functionality of WorxAudio’s various products. 

Produced in 1080i HD (High Definition) for exceptional image clarity, each video averages 5 – 6 minutes in duration. In addition to being readily available for instant download, WorxAudio Technologies also makes the videos available on DVD by request. Further, the WorxAudio site includes links for downloadable versions of these videos for portable devices such as Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, and similar smartphones

and media players – enabling audio professionals to readily access these support materials should they encounter questions while in the field. 

The first available WorxAudio videos include a technical presentation for pro touring rigging and another such video for installation rigging. These materials present a clear, concise look at the differences between flying a concert system as opposed to a permanent installation that makes use of the company’s TrueAim™ Grid. There is also a training video for use with WorxAudio ‘s PMD Series power amplifiers that shows the proper procedure for powering the system up, changing program settings, determining current draw, as well as a look at the connectors and various functions available.  

Equally significant, WorxAudio Technologies has a technical video that documents how to assemble and test a particular product, such as a TrueLine V8 line array. This informative video examines basic service and maintenance issues that audio professionals may encounter during regular use of the products.  

In addition to the aforementioned video presentations, WorxAudio will soon introduce several “technology overview� videos that feature the company’s various products. These materials will present an up-close look, for example, of how a TrueLine V-Series line array (V8 or V10) operates, its various design considerations, basic operation, and how the loudspeaker system relates to competing products. Similar materials are also scheduled for the WorxAudio TrueLine X-Series, and the company’s highly acclaimed Super Sub with its long excursion, 18-inch design. 


Hugh Sarvis, WorxAudio Technologies’ CEO and Director of Engineering, commented on the company’s new video offerings. “The new WorxAudio video materials present a look at many of the most commonly asked questions our technical and customer service groups encounter, explained Sarvis. “By making these videos easily accessible, existing and prospective customers can visit the WorxAudio Technologies or YouTube websites and quickly get the information they require. Since we’re also making these materials available for portable media players, our customers can even view these videos while they’re in the midst of assembling a system should they encounter questions. Our new video production and photo suite enables us to respond to customer requests with informative information that provides our customers a truly ‘hands-on feel’ for the information they require. I’m confident these materials well prove very beneficial.� 

The new WorxAudio Technologies videos are readily available and are posted on YouTube (, with links from the WorxAudio site. 

About WorxAudio Technologies

Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, WorxAudio Technologies has been at the forefront of loudspeaker development for the pro touring and contractor markets for the past thirty years. With a comprehensive lineup of more than twenty loudspeaker models that feature integrated rigging hardware for streamlined installation and pack out, WorxAudio products can be found in prestigious facilities worldwide. For additional information, visit the company online at



Photo Info: image of Hugh Sarvis on the set of WorxAudio’s video production suite.