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** Photo: WorxAudio loudspeaker system in Bristol High School’s auditorium **
Bristol, VA – November 2011… For most of us, our days in high school are generally memorable—thanks to varied academic and extra-curricular activities that, ultimately, help shape our personalities. For the students at Bristol High School, however, memories of the plays, concerts, debates, and other events tended to hit a sour note because of a woefully inadequate sound reinforcement system in the school’s auditorium. Recognizing the shortcomings of the system and its negative impact on every event that took place there, school administrators decided to act. As the new academic year commences, the Bristol High community will hear a dramatic difference now that a new sound system drawn from the catalog of Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio Technologies is in place.

Lee Hartman and Sons, Inc. of Roanoke VA, a design/build firm providing A/V solutions to the education, residential, commercial, house of worship, and government markets, was contracted to install Bristol High’s new sound system. Mike Giammona, the company’s Systems Consultant, designed and managed the installation of the school’s new loudspeaker setup. He discussed the project’s challenges and his decision to deploy WorxAudio’s TrueLine and UltraMax equipment.

“Bristol High’s auditorium measures 100 feet wide by 80 feet long and has a ceiling height of 32 feet,” Giammona explained. “The main room has a seating capacity of 800, and there are two adjacent rooms at the rear of the space that can be opened up for overflow purposes. This architectural design is quite versatile, but it complicates the ability of any sound system to provide consistent coverage throughout the area. The old system suffered from numerous dropouts, as well as poor speech intelligibility and music reproduction capabilities. Further, the amplifiers that drove the system resided on the floor off to the side of the stage area and this resulted in equipment that was constantly bumped and tinkered with, which destroyed any sense of gain structure that might have once existed. By selecting a self-powered system, we effectively eliminated that issue and, at the same time, we streamlined the cabling of the new sound system.”

The schools’ new sound system consists of a center cluster comprised of six WorxAudio X1i-P installation line array loudspeakers. The X1i-P is a two-way, high efficiency, ultra compact line array loudspeaker system incorporating a medium format, 1-inch exit compression driver with dual 8-inch neo transducers in each module. With its unusually broad 160-degree horizontal dispersion pattern, the X1i-P delivers consistent audio coverage throughout a wide area. This central cluster is augmented by two TL215Si-P subwoofers that are flown on each side of the cluster. Featuring two, direct radiating, 15-inch, 1200W cone drivers in a tuned enclosure, it is the perfect low frequency complement to multi-way loudspeaker systems or as a bass section in any sound system requiring extended low frequency response.

To accommodate the two break-out rooms at the rear of Bristol High’s auditorium, Giammona and his crew placed two WorxAudio X1MDF-P downfill enclosures on a delay —one in each room. “By simply retracting the air walls,” Giammona reports, “the school can accommodate considerably more people than the main auditorium was designed for. By having these two loudspeakers on a delay, the sound that reaches the far back is timed to coincide with what the audience hears in the main house. By using downfill enclosures, we were able to provide loudspeakers that remain out of the way when not in use.”

For stage monitoring, Giammona specified four WorxAudio UltraMax M1-P loudspeakers. The UltraMax M1-P is a 2-way design utilizing a single 12-inch, 400 watt high excursion, low frequency driver in a tuned enclosure. Easy to move, these loudspeakers provide the flexibility to accommodate the wide range of activities that take place on the stage.

Bristol High’s new sound reinforcement system was installed in late July and placed into service almost immediately afterwards. Since that time, Giammona reports that everyone who has experienced the new sound system is very complimentary. “Both the administration and the faculty are really pleased with the new system,” he said. “For the first time, people are able to understand what’s being said and when music is played through the system, it sounds natural. The X1i-P’s dispersion is really wide and, because of this, coverage throughout the room is consistent. With the new school year’s assorted plays, dramas, concerts, and other functions just around the corner, everyone is looking forward to being able to understand every last word!”

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Photo Description: Bristol High School’s auditorium and its new WorxAudio loudspeaker system