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*** Bill Payne ***
Greensboro, NC – December 2013… With a history that dates back to the 1830’s, West Market Street United Methodist Church is a vibrant congregation where music plays a vital role in the worship services. In an effort to provide the congregation with superior sound quality to properly support its musical endeavors, the church recently completed a major overhaul of its sound reinforcement system. Now, the music is more vibrant than ever—thanks to the new loudspeakers, which were drawn from the catalog of Greensboro’s own WorxAudio Technologies.

Unified AV Systems, a design / build firm for audiovisual and video communication systems to corporate, education, government, and religious entities was contracted to design and deploy the church’s new loudspeaker system. Bill Payne, System Designer and Account Representative for the Greensboro office of Unified AV Systems discussed the project and the decision to install a WorxAudio loudspeaker system that included a TrueLine XL3i-P powered, all-in-one compact line array system, a TrueLine TL118SSi-P powered sub bass loudspeaker system, and two WaveSeries 8ai two-way, high efficiency, passive loudspeakers powered by the company’s PXD 8080 power amplifier.

“This sanctuary resides at the ground floor level of a 100 year old building,” Payne explained. “The room measures 80 feet wide and roughly 80 feet deep. However, the back half of the room is sectioned off with a lower ceiling. The ceiling height in the main portion of the room is 12 feet, while the ceiling height in the back section of the room is 10 feet. Because of this arrangement, achieving wide dispersion was more of an issue than was the challenge of long throw. The sanctuary has removable seating for approximately 300 people. With the XL3i-P’s unusually wide 160-degree horizontal dispersion pattern, which is stunning, we were able to deploy a single loudspeaker cluster over the center of the stage area. This loudspeaker system alone covers a good 85% of the sanctuary’s seating area.”

“To provide coverage for the extreme front sides of the congregation, we used the two WaveSeries 8ai loudspeakers, Payne continued. “These two enclosures are positioned just behind the XL3i-P—horizontally—and aimed down at the congregation. They serve as side fills for the wrap-around portion of the audience. The WorxAudio PXD 8080 power amp drives these two enclosures and it, too, is ceiling mounted just above the XL3i-P and 8ai loudspeaker cluster.”

For low frequency support, the Unified AV Systems team positioned a single WorxAudio TL118SSi-P subwoofer at the rear left corner of the stage floor. “The total system presents a very clean, uncluttered appearance that doesn’t interfere with line-of-sight considerations,” Payne adds. “The entire loudspeaker / power amp cluster is flown using WorxAudio’s TrueAim™ X-MiniBeam-3 system along with a TrueRig-1.5C coupler, which suspends the setup with a single schedule 40 pipe. All cabling is contained within the pipe, so the end result is very polished in appearance.”

When queried about those features and other attributes that made the WorxAudio loudspeakers ideal for this project, Payne was quick to emphasize the system’s audio performance. “The sound quality of the WorxAudio equipment is excellent,” he said. “Its speech intelligibility and music reproduction characteristics are terrific and the system is great for both vocals and acoustic music. In addition to the XL3i-P’s exceptionally wide horizontal pattern, the 40 degree vertical throw enabled us to carefully direct the sound to the congregation as opposed to having to contend with any rear wall reflections. The end result is a system that sounds extremely natural.”

Payne was equally complimentary of WorxAudio’s customer and technical support services, “Everyone at WorxAudio was a pleasure to work with. They provided great backup and support. As this was our first WorxAudio installation, we had a few questions and, again, they were extremely supportive. WorxAudio CEO and Director of Engineering Hugh Sarvis actually came on-site and assisted with the final tuning of the room.”

The design phase of West Market Street United Methodist Church’s new sound system commenced in the summer of 2012 and the system’s installation was completed earlier this year. Since that time, Payne reports he has received numerous compliments on the system’s performance. “The system is just fabulous,” Payne said. “Church management is very pleased. It provides excellent audio performance across the entire audio frequency range and the uniform coverage throughout all areas is outstanding. We were very impressed with the total package from WorxAudio, including the hardware that suspends the system. It made our work that much easier. We look forward to doing more projects in the future with them.”

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