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Coach outlet Li Linfu played the Ping Lu asked An Lushan to spend the history, Xuanzong hesitation, this practice is not friends. Never appoint civilian as history of Du, minority generals will not give power. But Li Linfu is afraid of the Tang Dynasty has always been the boundary will enter the phase that the An Lushan to traditional high phase, affecting his position, into. Xuan Zong is busy and fun in Yuhuan, they have promised.
Yang mystery could be heard everywhere sing Xuanzong and Yuhuan Bai word, people face, deeply ashamed, wants to resign from the Imperial College Division Industry, but was persuaded, only booked home culture. Xuan Zong is built in Yuhuan lotus pool. A total of two people bath. Taipei Yuhuan, Xuanzong tired for one year, one month off. What can not? Mount Li, not to return to Changan. Emperor Xuanzong loved her occasional small, let him have the feeling of youth. Emperor Xuanzong to again from Yuhuan, he told Yuhuan, father Yang mystery has been booked to rest at home, several official.
Xian Yi princess came to Yuhuan, and filed a vertical Shou king Prince. But since the Yuhuan palace in Yuhuan, Xuanzong never mentions Guoshou king, how the new husband mentions the old husband? Xian Yi Princess more found in Yuhuan. She told Yuhuan not to be himself said, to entrust others to beat the drum on the side, he is good.
Louis vuitton outlet Tianbao four contained in July, Emperor Xuanzong ‘s second female life Zhaoxun canonized as princess. Birthday king bear a grudge with purpose. Ten days later, at the age of twenty-seven Yang Yuhuan virtual was formally canonized as the royal. The palace held a small feast. Yang to wear formal dress to accept palace concubines, Ming Fu pilgrimage. Xuan Zong apologized to Yuhuan, Yuhuan, said he had never hope to have this day, because the emperor has affection justice, only Yuhuan Coach outlet today.
Tavia Yeung gave Yuhuan chat, Yuhuan for the first time nudity, although with the birthday king profound friendship, but in fact, he had to admit that, together with the Emperor than to be happy birthday king together. Emperor Xuanzong decisive enthusiasm, passion, aggressive, so his tender was more a heartbeat, and these, birthday king who are not.
He went in, boasting about their exploits, by Emperor Xuanzong prime. He potbellied, being Coach outlet online honest, Xuanzong asked his belly is what A Luyama said, without it, only loyalty appendage.
Under the scorching sun, Yang Zhao pressure of a large number of the Shu Shu silk on the road, especially strange is pulled two large cylinders, each cylinder is carrying a to mature litchi tree, the tree fruit, attracted the attention of passers-by.